STEP TWO: Live It.

(If recruiting isn’t going as fast as you’d hoped, consider, instead of quitting, building a steady customer base. STEP ONE here.

Scene. You’re about to buy a new cell phone. Would you take the plain clerk or wait for the one who’s a phone-gadget nut?

When a product you want to buy is special, who doesn’t want to talk to an expert? By that I mean someone who lives and loves whatever it is already. The products they happen to be selling are just one expression of it. She already lives it.

STEP TWO: Live It. Show how the products you sell are an extension of your own life’s values.

If that’s you, you’ll have cred. Your opinion will be valuable. Because you ARE one who embodies those values already. (You can get a taste of how to lead with who you are already, here.)

Nobody needs much help buying cheap stuff, including vitamins. But aren’t your products:

“revolutionary breakthrough in cellular anti-aging”
“scientifically formulated to address the specific needs of your skin”
“anti-oxidant rich super fruits and energizing botanicals”
“blend of essential fatty acids from organic flax seed, sunflower, pumpkin and olive oils.”

(Quotes from the websites of Shaklee, Nu Skin, Mona Vie and USANA).

If that’s the kind of thing you sell, you cannot be a plain clerk who happens to sell this stuff. You need some cred. And I mean living cred, not a pedigree. If you sell environmentally friendly cleaners, it’s only natural that you recycle and belong to a group that discusses how to improve our environment in your neighborhood.

STEP TWO: Live It. Show how the products you sell are an extension of your own life’s values.

P.S. Do you know why I changed from teaching just recruiting to also building a customer base? See here.

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  • You are so right Kim. I remember being on one of your training's and I was telling you all my complaints etc of the company I was with at that time, and how, though I loved NM, something just wasn't right.

    You said to me, "Find your passion, what do you love- then it will work". So I went on a search…
    When I came across the current company I am with, it was like wow!!

    It finally all clicked… creativity, people connection, making people smile, making a difference in someone's life — all the things I love.

    Even if I never made a dime with this company (though I do) I would still use it. I love everything about it — I use it every day, in my personal life and in my design business.

    The shoe fits!

    Hey does anybody out there wear my shoes?

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