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How to get Facebook to show your posts to LOTS of people -NO cost to you…


Millions on FacebookHow to get Facebook to show your posts to LOTS of people…NO cost to you…

Today’s new word: ENGAGEMENT

Facebook will promote (=show) any posts you make on your personal page or fan page – to more or fewer peeps – based on “engagement”.

Engagement: That’s FB jargon for three things people might do with your posts:

1) likes
2) shares
3) comments

that OTHERS give to your initial posts.

The more engagement, the more FB will show your post to others.

The less, the less your post will ever be seen by others.

FB just won’t show it because it figures nobody cares. Because it sees nobody’s engaging with your post. So why show it to others?

If you are a marketer, that’s the kiss of death…

Next: How to write posts that encourage others to like, comment or share.

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