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Seven baby steps to get quality followers on Facebook

Followers beige birds w leaderSeven baby steps to get quality followers on Facebook.

(Do not get sucked into buying 10K followers from Fiverr or one of those. NOBODY gotten like that will ever interact or buy on your FB wall or page. Plus FB will penalize you when they find out you bought fake likes.)

=> Plan about 2-3 weeks for your first pass of the activities below. DAILY. One hour per day.

1) Get a FB account (HA)

2) Find FIVE leaders in your niche (Facebook their names). Become friends or followers of their pages, groups or walls.

3) Find THREE others on that circuit (people who post GOOD stuff on your niche leaders’ pages or in those groups…and join or like THOSE pages. Follow the discussions there daily for a few weeks, to see what issues people are discussing.

4) Contribute your comments to others’ discussion boards when YOU know something that can help someone else. NEVER by mentioning your business or product. But by principles you have learned the hard way. NO LINKS EVER.

5) Share the posts YOU like from niche leaders on YOUR FB Wall…and add a comment of your own. **LINK to those whose posts you are sharing**

“Link to them”…meaning when their name comes up in blue when you start typing it in. And you select that…so THEY know you mentioned them. Everyone LOVES knowing they’re being quoted. They’ll notice you, and appreciate you. Good start, yes?

6) From what you learn in the groups, pages, etc and your own constant learning, start making helpful tips on YOUR own wall, page or group…”How I learned to write a FB post that gets comments each time…”

7) Then, you might “boost” your FB posts (Google it) that get the most likes from your own readers and, for your boost, target those people that YOU have been quoting and sharing – choose THEM as the Facebook audience whom you want to “SEE” your boosted post. (Google: how to choose a Facebook audience.)

Chances are many of those folks will recognize you and like your page back…getting you YOUR OWN following.

See how that might work?

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