How to get people to show up at your in-home

Let’s pretend you’re going to have a product demo at your place. Of course you want as many folks as you can squeeze in. So, how do we get people to show up?

I asked one of our class participants that question, since we were planning in-home demos.

KK: What are the characteristics of the people you want to invite to your in-home product demo?

Lulu: First, open-minded, and…

KK: Open-minded. Why do you need them to be open-minded?

Lulu: So they’ll be open to this product I’m marketing.

OK. But. Is open-mindedness a useful qualifier? I believe the phrase itself encourages beginners to send invitation to many of the wrong people.

Here’s why. I don’t hunt, nor do I have the slightest desire to hunt. I also think however, that I’m open-minded. So you tell me, would I go spend a couple of hours on my day off, to see a demo of the latest hunting rifles? Or would I rather go see a tennis demonstration, something I really love?

Open-mindedness doesn’t trump strong personal values. Someone who’s happy spending $6 on Ponds face cream is unlikely to consider paying $49 for a like-sized jar of organic skin cream.

It’s about values, and everyone has their own. (Yes, you could do therapy. But is that how you want to spend your time? There are folks out there who already love organic personal care so why not invite them to hear about something new in that area?)

Bottom line: Instead of open-minded people, invite like-minded people. Like-minded as it relates to the philosophy of your product line. Won’t those folks be more likely to show up? And buy?

At the Sonoma Heal-In, that’s what Vicki Link did. The two hosts only invited like-minded people – as it related to the product type they were demo-ing – a non-toxic, non-drug pain relief product. And of those, they chose the ones that had money and spent it on such things.

Her results? After seven weeks of planning and calling, 70 people confirmed. 96 showed up. 35% bought the big package, and 6 of them have planned their own heal-ins at their homes. They’re still talking about it and are waiting for the next one so they can bring friends.

We show you, step by step, how Vicki selected the like-minded ones and then did the invitations. You’ll also hear first hand about a near-death moment for the whole event. We’ll also show you what to do if you don’t have such a list. It’s all in the upcoming new program. An eight session seminar, with audios and videos. It’s in the editing stages right now. email me here if you’d like to be in on the early bird special. Put ‘early bird special’ in the subject.

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