How to improve creativity

A cool two part (one, two) series on using psychological techniques to improve creativity.

Interviews with 22 Nobel Laureates in physiology, chemistry, medicine and physics as well as Pulitzer Prize winning writers and other artists has found a surprising similarity in their creative processes (Rothenberg, 1996).

For example, did you know that imagining your creative task as distant and disconnected from your current location helps encourage higher level thinking?

Or, that if you fast forward in time, say your life one year from now, your creative juices at this moment also get a boost?

Very cool. Try one and report back ok?


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Kim Klaver


  • Sounds a bit like psycho-cybernetics.


    When I was a kid, playing sports in high school and college, I used to do this sort of thing all the time. Instead of calling it imagining, however, I referred to it as dreaming or daydreaming.

    I usually woke up about the time I heard my name being called in class…

  • This is really an interesting concept. I say it's always wonderful to dream and imagine, and I believe that HOW to make that dream come true is the creative process. I love the idea of imagining life years from now, and working your way towards making it come true. It's a great feeling and setting your sights on a goal allows the creative juices in you to flow.

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