The worst ad?

Words matter. The words you use in advertising tell others a lot about you. I came across this on an mlm forum today:

Why Pay $Hundreds or even Thousands$ to Join The Latest Biz Opportunity When Measly $25 is All It Takes To Rake In Tens Of Thousands of Dollars Each and Every Month on Auto-Pilot? See what I mean: [he has link to his pitch page]

Kill me now.

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Kim Klaver


  • I've been seeing this ad on someone's facebook wall 1-2 times a day.

    Who knows? Maybe this person is making 25$ a month and confused its message 😛

    Theodore from Greece

  • Hi TheoCoach!

    No doubt some people are sending HIM $25. But what are THEY getting out of it? The thrill of sending someone $25 and hoping for tens of thousands per month?

    You're right — who knows…

  • Hi Kim,
    Wouldn't it be interesting to see how the owner of such an ad really lives?

    Wishing You Plenty To Live,
    Tom Doiron

  • Hi Kim,

    I thought this kind of advertising was illegal now. Isn't he making a promise?

    Well, maybe he just hasn't received the news yet.

    Sad! Very sad!

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