How to inspire confidence in others…so they believe you.

Two suggestions given today’s marketplace where 1) transparency and human voice is in, and puffed up, bombastic boasts are out.

1. Be a member of the community to whom you’re introducing your product/service. If you are amassing a customer base for a nutritional supplement, or a health, legal or insurance service, do YOU USE and LOVE the thing you’re selling, yourself?

If not, you’ll be immediately tagged as fake, just another seller.

If you are seeking entrepreneurs for your business, are you passionate about some part of doing the business yourself? E.g. are you a people person? Have you always wanted something of your own? Do you want to change the world? Or lives, one at a time? Whatever it is, make sure it’s there in your heart.

No one ‘good’ will follow you if you are not genuinely part of the community whose members you are seeking to sell to – be it your product or your business proposition.

Aren’t we all seeking things and people genuine?

Do you want to be marketed “to” by someone who’s peddling say, a mortage program that doesn’t relate to what you’re looking for right now? And someone you have no reason to believe?

“The market for something to believe in is infinite.”

I’d add, the market for something and someone(s) to believe in is infinite.

Marketers that are believable are in a much too short supply, and I believe it’s because they are not part of the community they seek to sell to. They are too often just selling because that’s what they do, and everyone of us recognizes it, and wishes they’d go away.

And second…

2. Be the human voice you’d want to hear whenever you talk about your business or product. Skip the bombastic boasts and puffed up language no one understands or cares about. Tell your authentic personal story as you would to a friend over coffee, where you are not trying to sell it, just tell it.

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Kim Klaver

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  • You linked to a great article, Kim – I’ve copied a few lines for those who may not click on it. Seems also right in line with your topic on this Tuesday’s call – re finding your own passion versus allowing others to dictate what that is. If we listen to and follow our own inner guidance system, it becomes quite natural to deliver more in use value than you take in cash value – and that, according to Wallace D. Wattles (The Science of Getting Rich) is adding to the life of the world with every business transaction. This is what keeps us here.

    “It’s no longer just enough for people to believe that your product does what it says on the label. They want to believe in you and what you do. And they’ll go elsewhere if they don?t.

    It’s not enough for the customer to love your product. They have to love your process as well.

    People are not just getting more demanding as consumers, they are getting more demanding as spiritual entities. Branding is a spiritual exercise. These are The New Realities, this is the Spiritual Republic we now live in.

    The soul cannot be outsourced. Either get with the program or hire a consultant in Extinction Management. No vision, no business. Your life from now on pivots squarely on your vision of human potential.

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