How To Make Money As a Helper-Healer

Many people like the idea of giving home presentations but don’t know to get to get people to show up, much less buy.

The new Helper-Healer Marketer program will give you practical strategies to invite, to present and to ask for the sale without being salesy.

Here’s one of those strategies.

Oh. You MUST have a really great product or program that actually helps people. If not, sales will be returned and your reputation will be in the tank. On the other hand, if you want to add more income stream, perhaps you will be amazed with the opportunities on sites like 벳엔드.

OK. Assuming you have a super program (or product) here’s strategy one.

As you plan your script (email or phone) have only one person – your ideal customer – clearly in mind. (Versus your “list” or other faceless mass).

Call her Mary.  She’s 55 and about to be a grandmom. (You must know your customer to sell to her. Use yourself if you like. You’re in this too, right?)

  1. What is Mary’s biggest desire?
  2. What’s the biggest obstacle in the way of that desire becoming real for her?
  3. Can my program or product really help her overcome that obstacle?
  4. What do I say so it connects with her?

Focusing on one person for your invite is new for many folks. It won’t be easy at first. But with a little practice, you’ll discover that skill does wonders in getting the attention of someone else. Because, suddenly, you’re talking like a real person to another real person.

Here’s an example from my own business.

I have a business as a trainer for direct sellers and network marketers. Not all of them, though.  Just someone who

1) is in love their products or business,
2) now wants to make more substantial money with their business
3) wants to be free of obligations they’re sick of and use that time to help more people.

I’ve developed products for those folks over the last 15 years.

Example One.  Since 2005, my best-selling program has been one for this customer:

Minnie, a 49-year old network marketer who’s been in for 7 years. She loves her products but she doesn’t talk to people about them because she doesn’t know what to say.  Her biggest desire, she told me, is to talk like a normal person to others about her product and business. Her biggest obstacle? She doesn’t want to talk jargon and science to people, so she’s not talking at all.  (And of course, if she’s not talking, she’s not growing her business.)

So, I created a program and offered it to her. If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It?

It’s a book (and CD set) with practical strategies to create your own script based on your own story – for any occasion – without sounding salesy.

I designed it specifically for Minnie.  By speaking to Minnie I drew in thousands of others around the world who fit Minnie’s profile.  But not everyone.  Minnie represents a certain subset of folks in NM whose obstacles I was certain I could help them overcome.  Minnie is my “market”, my audience, my ideal customer for that program.

Example Two.  Today there’s another ideal customer I believe I can help: It’s 55-year old Mary, a veteran network marketer.  She isn’t making much these days, her business is more like a hobby. But, she told me today, “I’ve reached a point where now, I need to take it to the next level. I love my products.”  That’s her desire.  Her obstacle? She told me:

“I don’t want to do it the old fashioned recruit recruit way.  That’s what the company’s doing now, but it just doesn’t attract me. I just want to help people first, and I want to take my business to the next level with my own focus.”

So one invitation to Mary might read:

Wanted: A Helper Healer Network Marketer
Learn how to make money as a helper-healer
Many people like the idea of giving home presentations
but don’t know to get to get people to show up.
This program will give you practical strategies
to invite, to present and to ask for the sale
without being salesy or pushy. Check it out here.

Note. Helper healer marketers are those whose motivation is helping others first, making money second.  It’s the order of those priorities that make someone in our business more like a Mother Teresa than a Donald Trump. Both have a place. If you know who you are, your marketing life will become much smoother because it’ll match the most important person in the world for your success: YOU.

Now it’s your turn.  Go ahead and try it. Picture and describe your ideal customer, their big desire and obstacle.  Can your program can really help them get past it and get to their goal?

If you’re already in the Helper-Healer Marketer program – remember April 30 is ‘event planner’ review day. Submit yours (See MM in member area). Then you’ll have a chance to have me, Vic and the other helper healer marketers spiff it up so your next in-home is more fun and more crowded.

PS The program includes a year of live coaching from Kim Klaver (moi) starting April 30. That comes in the form of monthly live mastermind calls for 10 months, to review your demos, invitations, and sales process.

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