Mother Teresa or Donald Trump?

This is for you if you want to learn how to make money as a helper-healer.

Question. Do you like the idea of giving home presentations but don’t know how to get to get people to show up? Here’s a fun (and weird) exercise to get the right ones to stream to your door like Vicki did.

Describe your ideal guest. What sex? What age? What’s her name? What’s important to him/her as it relates to the product you market? What is she looking to improve in her life?  What does she look like? What does she wear? What’s her current occupation?  

If you draw a blank, start by describing yourself. Use each category above. After all, you bought the product didn’t you?

Here’s what happens when you do this exercise (thanks, Frank): You’ll be able to ask for very specific folks: folks that you and your product can help – in ways they want to be helped. Because they’re a lot like you.

Once you know who your ideal guest is, you can “call her name” to invite her. Calling all Lulu’s! That’s when the fun begins…

Want to try it describing your ideal guest too?

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PS The best known helper-healer marketer in the universe is Mother Teresa. Did you know she brought in stacks of checks each week for $50,000+ each? Plus piles and planeloads of cash.

PPS Did you see the little 3-minute Mother Teresa vs Donald Trump video here?

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