How to make someone predisposed to buy from you…

How to make someone predisposed to buy from you…

By that I mean they WANT to buy from you. Before they even SEE what you have to offer.

Here’s how to do that.

1. Demonstrate that you can help someone, first…

Here’s a recent example…

At a big event for a major skin care network marketing company recently, an MD who’s known for his work on brain health (memory, clarity, focus…) had a book for sale. And a pricey brain program testing procedure that he’s done for years.

So, how did he “sell” that, or generate interest in it?

Think he stood up and held up the book, and the application for brain-scan thingie ($$$) – and talked about how great those are? And how everyone should buy them?


Everyone would have been bored at such a blatant pitch.

=> Here’s what he did instead…

  1. He gave this fabulous session on…

    1) What foods are the worst for your brain;
    2) What foods are best for your brain;
    3) What kinds of supplements help or hinder your brain power…

    He had created neat slides so everyone could see that what they are eating each day does not, for the most part, help their brains stay energized, focused, or clear.And it gets worse the longer you eat these things.

(Forget why you walked into the room again? Hehehe.)

2. At the end of this mesmerizing session with fab slides – which he GAVE free – to all the participants – he then mentioned he had updated his book on this topic…

And if anyone wanted to get into this topic, the books were at the back of the room. And info on the brain scan program was there too (he’s been doing that for years).

The response?

MASSIVE lines formed. People waited for hours to buy his book.

Summary.  What did he do?

#1 He gave VALUE first.
#2 Then made his offer.

Ask yourself:

“At my next event, party or get together, how can I add some value first, like this gent did? BEFORE I make my offer for the product I want them to see?”

This. Will. Take. Some. Thought.

This IS marketing.

You are a network “marketer” yes?

Doing the above – that’s your job. That way you never have to sell. The folks there have been persuaded to buy by the value you gave them – the wow experience you provided – FIRST. No selling required.

See how that works?

Yep I’m doing some classes on that for a few of my network marketing friends.

Here’s a taste… 3 Short Cuts To Attract Right People To You.  Kim sitting for sound check


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