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Bottom line sins allegedly committed by Vemma…

embarassed monkeyBottom line sins allegedly committed by the big MLM that’s been closed down by the FTC (their hearing is set for Sept 15):

1) The recruiters used words that made earning the big income look easy during the recruiting events, calls and rallies.

2) There was not enough focus on bringing in customers who are NOT also part of the pay plan. The FTC suit filed is here.

Here’s your basic fix:

A. Make sure you are not using words to recruit that make the income look easy (“all you have to do is…) or, use incomes of the top earners and suggest those earnings are typical for everybody…or, entice people to buy in by showing the big cars and the big house that (often) someone rented for the day…

B. Bring in some customers who use the product because they love it. Not because they want to make money selling it.


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  • I cannot stress the important of having customers and being product focused. It is so important. I teach everyone on my team to get 10-20 customers before they try to recruit anyone into the business. This gives them a profitable business they can share with others. Just think how well people would do if every rep on their team even had five customers. Personally, I would rather have a team of 50 distributors, each with 20 customers, than have a team of just 1000 distributors with no customers. Just my two cents.


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