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“Marketing is about values.” – Steve Jobs…

Steve Jobs video clip from Marketing talk

“Marketing is about values.” – Steve Jobs…

As a network “marketer” what does this mean to you?

If you lead with the VALUES behind your product (high-end, spa quality, etc…) or your business (for people who want their OWN thing, etc…) then you will more likely attract RIGHT ones to begin with.

Instead of all the wrong ones first. Like those who say…

“WHAT??!!? It’s $80 for one tube? Are you nuts!?”

That’s a typical response from someone who spends $10 for the One-A-Day vitamins or Ponds skin cream, when they hear the price of your high-end spa quality product.

Make sense?

Leading with the values behind your product or business ferrets out the wrong ones from the moment you open your mouth.

And when you ask the final question, they might give you a referral, or express interest themselves. Yep.

PS Want to learn to talk to your prospects like a normal person?

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