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“I want to become a successful entrepreneur like you…”

Two brothers talking“I want to become a successful entrepreneur like you…”

Tim has been talking a lot the past few years about how he wants to become a successful entrepreneur, like his brother, Pat.

It’s Thanksgiving and the families get together. After dinner the two brothers go out to chat…

Tim: Pat, you have a boatload of money. I don’t have any and I want to become an entrepreneur like you. Since you’re my brother, how about you front me the money I need to get started?

Pat: Hmm. Let me suggest something else first…How about you come to this next Entrepreneur Summit I’m going to, with some local entrepreneurs, so you can learn what you need to do to become successful at it? I’ll pay your way and save you the $2K!

Tim: Um. Nah. I don’t have time for that.

Pat whispers: (Dear readers, Tim has three big screen TVs in his home, and every gadget and game thing (X box, Play Station, etc) you can imagine. He does not have one business book.)

Here’s a case where what Tim is saying out loud – about his wish to become an entrepreneur – is not congruent with what he DOES. So money will not “come” to him. (Talk’s cheap remember?)

PS If you want to be as successful as someone else, attach yourself to that person anyway you can, personally, read, listen…learn what that person did, does and keeps on doing so you can model it.

COUNTLESS entrepreneurs have written books, audios, videos and speak at live summits. CONSUME everything. Educate yourself. Add value to YOU.

When the world sees you’re right there in the front row lapping up EVERYTHING from those who HAVE succeeded, by doing the same thing that you’re doing now, you’ll get better and better…

And your chances of success will be hugely bigger than what they’ll be if you’re hoping for someone to just hand you money.

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