How to market life-changing products

Just in. How could I not post this? More here.

“Thank you for giving direction to people like myself, who have been successful in Corporate America but haven’t had a clue about MLM. The word Network is appropriate because I have never WORKED so hard!! Now, after being halfway through your book, I feel I have a forward direction that really makes sense.

So please put me on a list, if you have one, for your recorded classes as well as any future live classes. I am working on a Customer oriented website separate from the Company replicated site, but have put a “hold” on this until I am finished with Chapter 21 in your book. Yes, you are correct no one talks about getting Customers until, that is, I read your book. I feel like you have turned on the light of how to properly handle marketing these life changing products! “

“PS. YOU HAVE CHANGED MY BUSINESS IN JUST TWO SHORT DAYS! My upline is buying your books and he sending it to all of us new to MLM. Your book “If My Product Is So Great How Come I Can’t Sell It?” Well after reading your book, I can see why after a short 4 months of trying to sell my product, I haven’t been successful!!

She just got the orange book. Have you seen it?

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