How To Overcome Fear of ‘No’

Win the big Customer Enchilada program.

If anxiety is keeping you from reaching out to prospects, or doing follow up, here’s something that’s helped me: JUST before you start writing or dialing the prospect’s number, adopt this mindset:


No one knows for sure how to sell anything consistently. What works for one doesn’t work for another. What works at one time doesn’t work another time.

When I was recruiting in the San Francisco Bay Area some years ago, I got several HUNDRED resumes in the first three weeks, most of them OVERNIGHTED. When I went to LA two months later and ran the same ad campaign, I got about 30% of what I got in the Bay Area. AND the population in Southern CA is THREE times that in the San Francisco Bay Area! Same ads(!)

There is no “right WAY” to win over good prospects. Therefore we are all testing.

Will five of you test the “This is an experiment” mindset for your next 5 prospect calls or emails or posts?

Let me know how it changes:

1) what you say or write and
2) how you feel AFTER you have done it, regardless of whether they respond or buy, or not.

I’ll send five of you who report their results – in detail – here in the Comments – the Customer Enchilada MP3 program ($99). Here is what you get in that 9-MP3 program.

P.S. “This is an experiment.” Say it out loud, put it on a sign in front of you before and during.

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Kim Klaver


  • Dear KK,

    A few years back, I marketed a slimming product. I made a flyer – a picture of me before and after.

    I distributed 7500 flyers in three different residential areas. (2500 in each area).

    Area 1: Government officers residence at Putrajaya. Resulted in 3 phonecalls and out of that, got 1 customer who bought the product for 4 consecutive months.

    Area 2: Residences at the KL International Airport. Got 2 calls. However 1 of the call is from a person who is not from the area. He was recommended by a friend who got my flyer there. This caller also became my customer for 4 consecutive months.

    Area 3: Surrounding residence where I live. Only got 1 call. No customer.

    These are some of my experiments.

    Deen Bahri

  • I took your challenge "This is an Experiment and emailed 6 people my "brand new phenomenal opportunity". I wrote the incredible meaning of my companies name, I reiterated about the timing to get involved and I even offered them the opportunity to purchase product for a discount if they were not ready to commit just yet so they can feel the difference for themselves.

    I felt a little less apprehensive and "intrusive" writing the email since I knew it was "just an experiment." Also, since it was an "experiment" I was not too attached to the outcomes. That was different yet very profound,

    I feel that this is a good way to approach people because you stop trying to sell. You have changed the dynamics of the communication from salesman "I want to make a sale" to offering information.

  • Hello Deen –

    Thanks for your experiences. Sorry to hear you got zip. For this experiment, I'm looking for people who are not contacting prospects or not following up, because they are afraid to hear no.

    They are supposed to try something new, starting now, using the "this is an experiment" mindset. And then tell what happened.

    If you do that, report back, ok?

    Leola – Not sure you were serious, but 1) was what you wrote different from before? 2) what was their reaction?

    Did you/do you usually tell others how great your company and your opportunity are?

    Another approach: Instead of focusing on how great your company and opp are, focus on how someone can experience how great THEY are because of their new capabilities from what you have to offer.

    Thanks for your comment. What company do you represent?

  • Hi Kim,

    Another great idea – thanks

    I don't know if this is what you are talking about exactly but I thought I'd share it:

    I've been thinking about doing video posts on my blog but have been postponing it because of how I would look and sound on the videos. So I decided to start posting some videos along with my articles and "view it as an experiment"

    I've already done on video but it's scheduled to be published in a month or so. Even though I was thinking about it like it is something so big and different, it felt good and I feel I had a good presence.

    I'll find another project (like talking to people out and about – which has more to do with getting "no's") and post what happens on that.

    Thanks again for the different point of view. I need to adopt this mindset and really see things from that perspective.

    Theodore from Greece

  • Hi Kim,

    I tried the experiment this week. I had some door hangers made with my company info, website and also tried to add some persuasive language, such as, "you can succeed in tough ecomonic times", etc.I went out on Veteran's Day, since I was off, and put out 150 ( I have a box of 1000). So far, I have not heard back from one person.I have read all your books, so I am not giving up yet. The experiment will conclude after I have distributed all 1,000.

    Rose, San Antonio

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