"Yes, I blocked you bec of el em em…"

Readers: This person’s talking about your competition. So relax.

The title was a tweet today from a guy with thousands of followers – to someone he’d blocked. Here’s the rest of it:

“Yes, I blocked you because of em el em (hell you can’t even type the letters without the vultures descending)”

I saw it and asked him what his experience was with MLMers – and he posted back:

“It requires aggressive + deceptive efforts. I Tweeted 3 letters once, and was spammed for weeks.” (the 3 letters – mlm)

Aggressive I can deal with. But deceptive, not good. Vultures – not good either.

I got this (as one of a series) in my email last week:

“Can you say $10K over, and over with a Onetime investment of $275 and all that is needed is 2 folks……… That’s it …… For Ever!”

People really! What kind of hapless and ignorant people is this pitch asking for? Does anyone with ANY business sense really think a one time investment of $275 makes $10,000 ‘over and over’?

Oi vey.

Take QTs advice. If this is the competition you’re up against, my readers, relax. The good peeps will be waiting for you.

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Kim Klaver


  • I've been on twitter for a few years now and I never mention those three little letters and rarely post my products.

    I am a true beliver in finding customers… ala the Kim Klaver method.

    I post about the things I care about, green, organic, sustainable and then people recognize I am real, not a person "pitching" a product or "opportunity" to them.

    I unfollow anyone that pitches me a product or business immediately, especially when they send it in a DM.

    Using social media is about creating relationships and you have to build trust, this does not happen overnight or with one "tweet" or DM.

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