How to read your prospect’s mind and include it in your spiel.

Marketers want the floor. All the time. Ever noticed that?

“Marketers are taught from the beginning to grab the microphone and never let it go.”

Is that a reason 70% of Americans are signed up for the Do Not Call Registry? Telemarketers calling would not stop talking?

60 seconds or more straight, they’d talk. You had to hang up to shut them up.

Have you met networkers like that?

It’s like talking to a recording that will not stop. Here’s an idea I’m testing.

To engage someone else, imagine the doubts THEY might be having. Include those in a genuine way in your pitch. Instead of the one way monologue.

E.g. Here’s something that goes through most minds when they hear a NM pitch: “Yeah, right. I’ve heard about these kinds of things. They’re all the same. Actually I should pick up my kid now…”

Seeing she’s losing him, Lola continues to list the wonders of the business or product. She talks louder, hoping to get his attention back.


How about you weave IN what you can guess from experience most all listeners are thinking?

“Oh I know this might sound like one of those things, heaven knows they’re out there. Have you ever done direct sales before?”

You have 1) just acknowledged and NOT blown off what’s likely in their mind and 2) you have engaged the person. Early in your pitch.

“Only a few people make money with this kind of business, because there’s a trick to it. Have you ever done sales before?”

This is likely to get their attention back and a response. You’ve shown you know the doubts in their mind without blowing them off (as ignorant, don’t have a vision and all the other insults we have ready for those who don’t see things our way).

Anyway, that’s the idea. You can see what I did to include questions in some people’s minds, in this cartoon animation I did to introduce a new kind of weight control program starting Sept 6. Here which, um, requires no exercise.

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