Should you bother if they’re not passionate?

Isn’t that the question? Should you find people for your business or product who are really passionate about it too?

Or try and do therapy on the “non-passionates”?

In an intriguing post my friend Robert Scoble addresses this question from the tech and media world, where he lives.

This is an eternal debate I have with myself, too.

Should I reach out for only those who are passionate about the thing I am marketing now? Or it is ok to explain what I’m doing to someone even though they might really be a “non-passionate” about that thing.

Not easy. Humans seem to want to convert when it comes to ideas and points of view.

What’s worked for you…going after passionates or non-passionates, as it relates to your business and product line?

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Kim Klaver


  • I would have to rely on that ol’ MLM chesnut …

    It’s easier to run …

    with a hundred people who are running with you … than to drag one dead person.

  • Really an intriguing way of looking at this. I guess we need both: the passionates and the non-passionates. Some of my most loyal customers – and the customer list is not very long – are almost non-passionate about the product. Others who started passionately on the product and especially in the business have long gone.
    Perhaps passionates about their health, like me, need another approach than non-passionates.

    Thank you for sharing the post by Robert Scoble.

    Erica Goedheer

  • In my personal experiences, no amount of "therapy" has converted a non-passionate person to a passionate one about anything.

    I am talking about playing sports, doing well in school, finding a job, or owning a business. It seems to come from inside and has to be something they must want.

    I just let the non-passionate ones know I am there for them whenever they are ready and work diligently with the ones who raise their hands. Maybe they are perfectly happy & I don't want to run them off completely if they have decided to be a happy consumer.


  • In my experience, the “go getters” are usually born with that drive or some type of life experience brings it out of them. I dont think its possible to “teach” that drive.

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