How to speak so you don’t sound like a seller

As a network marketer, you are a ‘practitioner of uncertainty.’

However, there are a few basic skills you must master to have even a chance at success.

Here’s one: How NOT to sound like a seller.

When a network marketer introduces her product to people, the tendency is to preach, and use lots of jargon and scientific facts she herself has just learned.

This is a big fat turn-off to other people. Have you noticed?

All new people seem to sound like sellers, only they don’t know it. Here are two examples from a 3 Scripts Class (the two ‘worst scripts’ voted by the class with fun and kindness). TURN ON AUDIO.

Does that sound like you?

If you don’t know what to say to people about your product, or how to answer “What do you do?” try this.

1. Read your own approach script or standard answer, out loud. Chances are you will hear the jargon and seller talk instantly.

2. Instead of preaching or using big words no one else understands or cares about, tell a product story without making promises. Preferably your own.

I show you how you can do #2 in the $18 book, “If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It?” (top left, 4 down). You can also hear us live, transform seller-talk scripts into pleasant, engaging conversation. Mini 3 Scripts package here ($57)

There’s also the more recent, big Kahuna Customer Enchilada package, here ($99 or $147 for CDs). Top left = MP3 and top left two down, is the CD-book package.

One thing you’ll discover listening in to these: during each class, sales were made to others in class – once the new script was crafted. And sometimes, a person would want to buy a product, only to discover they were in the same company and didn’t recognize it from the jargon they’d learned (!).

Learning how to talk to others about your program – in an engaging and non-preachy way – is the biggest obstacle a new person must overcome. And they don’t teach it at the NM companies. Sigh.

Learning this one skill improves you chances of surviving the process more than any other. After all, if everyone runs when they hear you talk about your product or business, how long will you stay in the business?

And how satisfying will your experience be?

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Kim Klaver


  • Kim I have learned how to talk through your books and tapes. I cringe when I think of how I sounded a few short years ago!

    I’m on Twitter often and it drives me nuts when people blast me with updates preaching how great their product is or how I can make $500 a day by telling 3 of my friends who tell 3 friends about this great new biz opp! We all know the drill there, it’s the Reps buying all the product.

    I’ve been an online marketer for a while and never have to “push” the product or service. I never say my thing is the greatest ever. I don’t have to because I start with how food is the key to health and I give lots of info about food. I’ve had most sales come from visits to my sites after the people realize I’m offering help and not just trying to make a buck. Sometimes I’ve told people that my product/service probably isn’t a fit for them – they wait a few weeks and still order because I didn’t pressure them and they took the time to learn more on my site.

    Kim, thanks for the wonderful books and training. And, I enjoy your help on this blog, even if it’s from time to time!


  • One more thing. I decided to post your Banana Marketing site link on Twitter so maybe folks can learn a new way to market their product!


  • The old school way of sales and marketing is a relic of the past.

    Even if you get some results and happen to make a few sales, the entire experience can leave a bad taste in the mouth of both the seller and the buyer.

    The new school way that you teach creates trust and does away with the barriers in the marketplace. It allows you to authentically tell your story, be real and down to earth.

    Why would anyone choose to do it any other way?


    Eat Well. Live Well.

  • Hello Kim!

    Great article. I really appreciated your article. I agree with you about sounding like a salesman. Despite the changes of the market on the Internet.

    Some people still are not getting the picture yet. They think that they can still use the old school method of network marketing.

    They just don’t get it. That people are not drawn to a high pressure salesman.

    Jonathon Pugsley

  • Thanks for teaching these methods. I really appreciate the fact that you aren't all about doing everything on the Internet like some many others are.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the Internet but there are some people that just don't have the skills needed to go there yet.

    I think that it's important to know how to the low tech methods as well as using the new technology.

    That being said having a good script not only allows you to do business without being pushy but it also helps you to stay focused on getting only qualified prospects and moving them to the next step.

    Thanks for all that you do.

    Amy Howard

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