100 Customers General Present Secrets

How we got people to buy stuff. Lots of stuff.

Here’s how we got people to take action at our meetings. (Buy stuff and refer friends.)

Our events always got product sales – both large and small packages.
Here are two key things we did:

1) We invited folks who already had values like ours.

2) We typically called the client list of a local alternative health practitioner
who was signed up or was thinking of signing up.

The pitch:

“This is a product demo for people who
know they should get their 5-7 fruits and veggies each day, but don’t.
Lulu Green gave us your name and says that might be you.
Is that true? Do you know anyone who
might like to know about a demo like that? Oh, and of course
we’ll have munchies and crunchies…”

Their qualifications? Two: One, they say they know they should do X
but don’t. Two, they were not stone cold prospects – they were clients of
a local alternative health practitioner who were either in the business or
thinking about signing up for the business.

Asking for and finding people  who already share the values you are
offering in your product, program or business, is critical in getting
people to take action at the end of the event.

If you’re marketing a $79 facial cream and your audience is
women who are used to spending $6 on a jar of Pond’s cream,
you will not have many sales. Because they don’t share your values.
Not because you said something wrong.

Yes, you can do therapy, but that gets old. Doesn’t it?

Using the clients of like minded professionals is another wonderful strategy.

And if you don’t know such a person, go have a few treatments and
get to know a few.  See if one of them would like to try your product.

Once she loves it, the next step is setting up a demo for her clients.

Prospecting for customers or recruits means knowing what the values
are they must have, and asking for them – of everyone you come across.
It won’t be everyone. Sorry.

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