Present Secrets

Um, it’s gas

It is what it is…

Got gas the other day. Even here, sellers use
so many unnecessary words and jargon a
patron scribbled this on the pump window:

Many of your listeners will not bother with this correction
and instead just tune you out. This isn’t ‘throwing up’ on
others, it’s using Greek in an English speaking community.
Is that any way to get others engaged?

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Kim Klaver


  • I always like it when you try to get the first date script from a person and they say…

    “…its a glyconutrient, nutraceutical etc …”

    and you say… “tell me what it is…is it a shake? is it tablets? … ok so it’s like fruits and veggies in capsules!”

    That is so simple, obvious and natural (and funny)

    Thank you for helping me think “normal/simple language” and not talk as if I have forgotten how to talk.

    Theodore from Greece

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