Some Private Numbers…

This post contains some private numbers about my work.

For the last 20 years, I’ve helped some aspiring network marketers
stay with it long enough so they can find the right people
for their business.

Hearing directly from folks who are successful because they
used a tip or two always brings satisfaction. Sales of my
books and CDs are also telling me something.

But here’s something I hadn’t thought to look at:
How often are people listening to the audio or
video trainings I have labored over?

Here are some interesting stats I got today, from an iPhone
analytical program:

For the Giant Heap audio on iPhone, this past week, there were:

127 New Users | 39 Active Users | 1,894 Sessions

The 39 active users were, on average, listening to the Giant Heap
clips on their i-gizmo 48 times each!

For the One-Liners audio on iPhone for same time, the numbers were:

98 New Users | 21 Active Users | 886 Sessions

The 21 actives listened an average of 42 times to
the One-Liner clips.

I had no idea some people listened that often to my stuff.
Note:  The 80-20 rule is alive and well with iPhone users, too.
The percentage of New Users and Active Users is just about 80-20.

Where have I heard that before?

How To Build a Giant Heap available on iPhone here
On Android here.
One Liners on iPhone here.
One Liners for computer here.
Giant Heap for computer here.

PS Next app is a brain reset game. For anyone who needs
a brain reset. In 15 seconds or less.

PPS The analytics clip:



PPPS Get an iPhone free from Apple (same one I use). Yep they
have them here. You pay the monthly service, but iphone is free.
The model is great, I still use it (3Gs).

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