She Chose. They Came. 75% Bought

This is a story told to the Helper Healer Marketer class today…

Virginia is over 65.  She’s active and wants to stay that way.  For this demo,
she stated that she markets a product for people who are 65+, who are active,
and who believe they can do something to improve their health and energy,
like she’s done.

She planned her in-home demo, made the usual list, and together with her good sponsor,
Lisa, started making the calls. On the phone, she explained she’d have a gizmo available
that would show people if they were “rusting out on the inside” or not. People
smiled right over the phone, she said.

Virginia wanted an intimate demo.  4 folks who met her criteria came – over 65, active in community,
want to improve health and energy.  After the demo, three bought.  3/4 = 75%

For her FIRST demo.

Everyone went home happy.

Secret tip #1:  She did NOT invite:

People over 65, who were not active in the

People half her age. 

You can choose who you invite for different demos. Remember Steve Jobs of iPhone
chose his customers too – those who ‘think different – and now look.

Secret tip #2: She didn’t have company signs and banners or displays at her home demo.
This was new for her, but she tried it.  She related that no one who came
asked her what the company was, even when they bought the product.

Seems everyone bought because of the results they experienced right there, with others like themselves.

Can you argue with 75% buy rate?

PS. Re tip #1: She wanted an intimate group of people the same age – in this case 65+ and active.
If your contact list (like mine) includes people in all age ranges and with different interests,
you can call them all
, but you don’t invite them all.  To the mismatches, you could say, “I’m having a demo Thursday night for folks over 65 who are still active and want to improve their health.  Do you know anyone who might like to come to something like that at my place?”

Have you ever invited the wrong people to your demo?  Can you remember the pain?

PPS. The Helper Healer Marketer program is a “forever” program.  You can take
12 months to do it or 12 years.

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