"I lose them after they go to the company site…"

Networkers send prospects to their company sites in the hopes that someone will order online. Or get interested in their business.

But people tell me everyday that after they send a prospect to their company site, they never hear from them again.

One reason might be that YOU are not there. Actually, there are usually no real humans on any corporate sites – no real person to engage with. It’s just a big sales pitch for themselves. No biggie. That’s just what they do.

But, what if the prospect could get to meet YOU first?

And hear YOUR story from you, spoken in a human voice?

Let’s try it.

Pretend you are checking out an ad for a non-toxic cleaner that doesn’t irritate your skin. You are given a link to check it out:

Which draws you in more:

1. The company website OR
2. Deb’s personal profile with story about how/why she uses it.

Or you’re interested in learning about essential oils

Compare your interest in:

1. The company website OR
2. Elaine’s personal profile with story about how/why she uses it.

Or you’re interested in learning how to travel for less, because you do it a lot AND love it…

1. The company website OR
2. Michelle’s personal profile with story about how/why she uses it.

You get the idea.

It’s a people business. So isn’t it time to introduce the people who are actually using and loving the products or services?

We’re doing that at Network Marketing Central right now, and it’s a big reason people are getting more inquiries than they’re used to, and product sales. Plus some have even gotten new Reps.

I’ve always believed it’s a people business, and featuring YOU is one way to demonstrate that and prove that YOUR story is what sells others.

P.S. AFTER they meet YOU, well then you can take them to the company site…

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Kim Klaver


  • Done a lot of thinking about this since you put up the promote buttons and am changing ads on my blogs to my NMC profile…..

    Thank you for the NMC site : – )

  • Yes, all that is true, this is a people business and stories do get people interested, but in some cases, they NEVER go to the website. I have run into this several times, they say they are interested, they ask for the website or more information, but they never go there. Then they go MIA and all I can do is wonder if they were venters I got too excited about. They might be people who think only GNC or Wal Mart sells health. They might even believe if there was something that worked, their doctor would tell them about it. All the more reason to make this about people. Too many people out there need the products we market but we get side tracked by “the business”.

  • I inquired into 2 of the things on the site. One of the people hasn’t gotten back to me. I figure maybe she’s away or something.

    The other gave me a link to the company site, and that’s it. I went to the site, and I was dismayed. I didn’t see anything there that referred to what I inquired into. Of course, I didn’t go past the front page, because there was nothing there that was of any interest to me. I felt guilty about it, like I should have put more effort into it. But then I thought, “Wait a minute. Who’s the customer here?”

  • Kim:
    This is so true. By nature people are drawn to one another by the law of attraction. What we have to offer, how we offer it and/ or what we have inside of us, sends a message to someone that they have met a kindred spirit — someone they can connect with.

    Network marketing is suppossed to a business of referring “friends” to a business or product you have found that you love and works for you. But in the quest for the almighty dollar, most Network Marketers have forgotten the main word in all of this, it’s about referring “friends”.

    What I like most about NMCentral is that I am making friends first… people who might like me for who I am, what I believe in and who may like to get to know me better.

    Kinda like in the TV Show – Cheers,
    “Were everybody knows your name…”

    What a great way to do business.

    artsy fartsy stuff

  • Actually, my company does have a personal profile page. You can go straight to it and then shop. However, it hasn’t really converted to sales for me yet. It’s interesting to see how the NMC site improves on this idea.

  • Thanks, Kim, for your observations! By and large, the personal element is woefully missing from corporate web sites. I think there’s another very important element here, though, which is that typically corporate web sites are all about pushing the opportunity. Have you ever tried to go to a web site and really just learn about the products? It’s awful! You have to weed through all kinds of opportunity and company jargon. I recently had that experience with a network marketing style jewelry company. I’d been invited to a party, and I wanted to preview the goods before going. I was amazed at how little info the web site had on the actual products! Contrast that to any other non-network marketing jewelry company, whose web site would be all about product information. When I first got into network marketing, I actually listened to the powers that be and pushed the opportunity. I never felt good about it, and I finally learned my lesson. Now I never send my prospects to my corporate web site. Interestingly enough, no one cares!

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