"If I don’t promise them health and wealth, how can I get them to sign up?"

So asked Tony, a 6 year veteran on a recent conference call.
I asked,

“Umm, Tony, do you have health and wealth?”

“Well, noooo, not yet.

“Ahh, offering it to others but you don’t have it yourself yet?”

“Well,” he says, “how else can I get them to sign up?”

Hmm. In a market place where people seek transparent and authentic human beings, is it fraudulent to offer someone else something you yourself don’t have yet? Just to get them to sign up? (Take any of the usual empty promises – “If I could show you a way to make $5,0000/mo for 10 hours a week would you be interested?”)

My pal Jason says that it’s risky not to be straight about WHO you are. “You’re gonna get outed at some point anyway, you might was well out yourself and get the credit for being honest and upfront–for being AUTHENTIC.”

For many people, it matters more who you are right now, where you are going and why, and your plan to get there.

Maybe they’ll decide to join you on the trip – two authentic fun loving people having fun figuring out how to make the business work together. No need to live up to empty promises. No need to pretend.

Can you feel the relief coming on?

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Kim Klaver


  • I know what business he’s in! I’m there! I’m all for authentic! I also like outlining your plan for how! Another GREAT thing is to bring in someone who DOES have health or wealth! I have found some people in my business who have helped me. Some of them I’ve had them write down their story, others I use for 3-ways. Their not all upline either…reach out and create a team for yourself!

  • Kim –

    This is right in line with everything that I’ve been doing online for the last couple of years. Building “Know, like and trust” and filtering through others ‘just like me’ by being willing to let down my guard and give people a peek at who I am and what I’m all about.

    Am I building a fast and furious rah rah group? Nope.

    Am I building a slower, but steadier group of autoship customers and distributors this time around? You betcha.

    And the best part is that the more I grow, the *bigger* the people I am attracting…. it will work this way for anyone who is brave enough to be authentic the way you are describing.

    It does take courage though, eh?

    I appreciate you!


  • Kim,

    I’ve wondered about this myself…I market a health product that doesn’t manifest on the outside quite as rapidly as your typical “weight loss” product does, which I’ve also marketed in the past. I haven’t lost 30 pounds, I don’t have a before and after picture…yet. But I am trying and that’s where my personal authenticity lies. If your product is health, then slow and steady does it. As for how do you get them to sign up? Just like you teach…get them to be customers first. And look for people “just like me” who want to be healthy and are willing to give it a try, just like I did.

  • Yes, the authenticity or lack of in the area of $$ is one of the reasons I am now interested in customers first.
    Because I DO have authenticity there. My before and after story IS true. And when I tell my story it sounds true because it IS true.
    This approach doesnt get the “Well and how much money are YOU making?” because I am not leading with anything which invites that.
    It feels good amd it’s stress-free.
    Thanks so very much Kim. I am really enjoying working on my scripts.They are sounding like ME.
    And your books are real “How-To Manuals”.
    And also “How Not To”.
    Love the neat formats.
    You have opened up a new world for me.

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