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  • If you don’t really believe that your opportunity will do that and you don’t have the vision of being at the top of your comp plan then you shouldn’t be talking to prospects. So many people hang on to their companies like stale bread or a lover that they know they should move on from and yet they cannot break the addiction and then wonder why they are not recruiting or finding customers. If you love what you do, are experiencing success, do the numbers and know if you do certain things repeatedly, within a period of time, and that you can vizualize the checks and the dollar amounts on them in say 6 or 9 months based on the success you are already having it is not in any way out of line to offer a prospect a guarantee, based on the fact that they will work hard, do their homework, do the training and believe in themselves, shake off the shackles from the past and act AS IF in the moment. Juliette Gray http://www.itvsuccessline.com

  • Whether John Fogg is baiting his prospect or not, either way, I’m not sure why he would want to convince someone that they should join his business, when they are reluctant to do so. Why not look for those who are interested, excited, and eager? Won’t it be more rewarding to work with those people and isn’t it much more likely that they will indeed be earning $1000 a month after their first six months?

  • If John Fogg is telling the truth about the prospect he is representing he is not baiting her – merely presenting an opportunity. If, however, he is painting a rosy picture which will not materialize he is, indeed, baiting her. In this case I would predict that too many misreprentations would come back to haunt him and he would find himself out of business himself.

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