"If I were recruiting for a key person today…"

In an email to readers the other day, I announced a new CD program: Recruiting with Ads. It’s the fastest selling program, in two days, that I’ve ever offered. Here’s what I wrote:

“If I were recruiting for a key person today, I’d use newspaper ads before online ads.”

Here’s why I prefer newspaper ads (even though I live online) for a key person. Internet ads are ideal for scanners…people in a hurry with little time or attention.

Finding a key person who’s available “right now” requires that the key person is also actively looking right now – not scanning with half a brain, racing to get to the next thing, or just window shopping.

Picture someone perusing the paper on a Sunday for an opportunity. They’re focused and paying attention. And when they have a resume prepared, aren’t they likely more serious, more urgently engaged?”

Second, Google ads and social network sites like MySpace are overrun with NM ads from people pitching the “get rich now using my/big hitter/never-before-revealed secrets” theme. I believe that today, NM has a low rent reputation with way more people because now, millions upon millions more people see the trash ads online- they’re everywhere you look.

Go ahead and join a MySpace of the online world: you will be immediately deluged with “be my friend” requests from people whose real motive is to hit you up for their business.

Anyway, there you have two big reasons I prefer newspaper ads for a key person to online ads: 1) more focused readers, and 2) a less jaded audience.

Challenge: How do you write ad copy for a key person in today’s skeptical marketplace? Something that doesn’t look scammy or too good to be true? What’s worked for you to get someone in, who STICKS? Getting them in doesn’t count. Keeping them in is what matters – without having to pump them up every week…hehehe.

OK. Writing key person ads is what this new 3-CD Recruiting with Ads program’s about. Hear what I did. Test ads you create yourself with New School principles.
This program is not $97. It’s $37 here for the 3-CD set. Check it out first so you see what you get. MP3s here ($25)

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  • I, for one, am eager to see what others suggest. It is Monday and I have not even received notification of this Saturday’s post… Maybe that is why I am the first poster….

    But, like I said, I am open to any suggestion and all feed back, so come on people HELP ME! (oh, and the other lurkers here on the board, too, would probably appreciate the help!)

  • Peggy you don’t tell what you need help with?

    Also, I send out emails now once or twice a week. So come here anytime because I post every day.

  • I tried My Space for Social Networking. Was thrilled when I got 150 “Friends” wanting me to write them. Feeling overwhelmed decided this was not my niche.

    I appreicate Nicole’s lens on the “how to’s” of social networking… maybe I’ll try again as another “reaching out method” after I try my “local newspaper add” like you suggested Kim. Here’s what I’m doing…

    Key Person Wanted

    Recruit and trains sales reps for
    nutritional sleep aid, plant-based, no drugs… health-conscious, driven person who love sales.

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