New School Manifesto #2 of 11: "We do niche…

…marketing, not mass marketing.”

Old School: Everyone will want your product. It sells itself. Market your product and business to anyone who can fog a mirror. If your business presention is done right, the prospect will join.

This is one way to lay on the guilt. If your prospects aren’t buying product or business, it must be you. But is it?

EVERY company claims their science, their product research and their product ingredients are incomparable to anything else out there. Don’t you believe that your products are special? Head and shoulders above the rest?

OK. Let’s grant that your products really are special. Doesn’t all genuinely higher quality stuff cost more than the regular stuff? (Compare Gucci prices to K-Mart’s)

The bug: Higher prices mean the products will only appeal to a subset of the market – a niche group: those people who want alternative or better than average products and who will pay extra to have them.

How is that everyone?

New School answer:

New School #2: We do niche marketing, not mass marketing

Translation: Offer your product or business to people who already share (or tend towards) your values and interests. Only some people will be attracted to your product or business, no matter how good your presentation is. Remember, Jesus only got 12. And that was with doing miracles, even.

Challenge: How does one do niche marketing in the most efficient way possible, for both product and business?

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  • Personally, the way I do niche marketing for my mlm business is this:

    I always build 2 different sites, one that is centered about the biz opportunity, and the other one about the products.

    The first site will usually be a lead capture site, with something free to offer (a bonus). I usually do more branding of myself instead of talking about the company directly online. I also give a very good reason for the person to want to join my team instead of another one.

    On the second site, I do keyword analysis to select the best keywords related to my products. Then, I build a high quality content site about the theme of my products, without mentionning the company itself. This site gets trafic, and I invite people to contact me when they want to order. I also build a mailing list on it to be able to sell other things to the visitors, and to build a relationship with them.

    Oh, and I do all this in French, because it is my native language, and there is less competition as well 😉

    My 2 cents!

  • I’m not sure if I know the “best way” to niche market, but consider this.

    In the 70s, you never saw people drinking bottled water. People could get clean, free drinking water right from their tap (same as today!)

    Did the marketers go after the masses?


    They started with celebrities. People saw Modanna drink Evian during her concert performances. People started to associate bottled water with health and beauty. Bottled water was a status symbol.

    Now, bottled water is BIG business.

    But even though bottled water is mainstream, marketers have still figured out that people drink it for different reasons: there are people who drink it because of what it says about them, people who drink it because of the perception it is healthier, etc.

    In other words, even with something as simple as water, the marketers still market in niches!

    One other thing about bottled water. Next time you think no one will buy your product because it is too expensive, think how you would have felt trying to introduce bottled water into the market . . . you were charging people for something they could get and had been getting for free!

    — Walter Reade (from Wisconsin)
    My New Product Page!

  • Very good point, Walter.

    I recently added a book business to my portfolio and am learning how to niche market it. A couple of times I got the objection, “well, I can get books cheaper at Amazon” or ” I only buy paperbacks.”

    I realized, that at first glance it may look like I am only selling discounted books in general and a price that could be beat by Amazon. (I said “could be”. It’s not necessary so. And we do have paperbacks too.) However, the company I am with offers much more than just discounted bestsellers for a low monthly fee.

    I don’t want to go into all the details otherwise this may sound like a sales letter. Basically, I am not looking for “Amazon Shoppers”. I am looking for people who want to build their own libraries of bestsellers as well as learn and grow as a person through the free trainings and seminars offered. I am looking for people who want to transform their lives through the power of books. I am also looking for people who want to learn how to write their own books. (I am amazed how many there actually are.)

    So my niche market is very, very targeted. Yes, sometimes people can find a particular book they want cheaper at Amazon, or Walmart, or Costco. But that’s just what they get…A book. Nothing else. No training how they can use that book to change their financial future or transform their life. Just a book. Oh, and of course no extra income stream either.

    So after I convey all that, the lightbulbs usually go on ;o)

    The ads I send out are very targeted and for a specific group of people…Those who love to read and/or those who are passionate about personal development and self-growth.

    I still have a lot to learn but I must be doing something right in my niche marketing because the people who joined me in my business are all people just like me. People who are passionate about books and reading and who want to make a difference in other people’s lives through the power of books.

    Have a great weekend!

    Ilka Flood

  • My daughter (a massage therapist) and I do Niche Marketing this way…

    Instead of presenting the product to everyone that foggs a mirror…

    We use our NMC Website to find people (Our Niche) who are looking for a natural alternative for pain relief, no drugs…

    I just tell my story:

    “I market a product for people who have achy shoulders & stiff necks from being on their computers 24/7. I tried many things but nothing worked, then I found this Plant Based Oil and it brought me soothing relief. What if it works for you like it workes for me, would you want to try it?

    We use our NMC Website: and what we’ve learned from the “New School” like the how-to’s of blogging to bring people who are searching for “natural relief, no drugs…their traffic to our site.

    Just today my daughter called really excited saying a woman emailed her about The Oil… she wrote her back… she emailed my daughter THANKING HER because she loves The Oil for natural pain relief & has been searching for someone who sells it:)

    Niche Marketing can’t get any better than that making a product (or business) available that you love and works for you, to someone who is looking for what you have. making a difference and earning a stream of income.

  • I lead with MY hot button. This is how people who have the same or similar values will gravitate toward me and my niche. It’s simple. (Hmmm … where did I learn this, Kim?!)

  • Oxygen – necessary for life, and when those masks drop I secure mine before that of someone nearby who is having difficulty, like my grandson, for example. In that way, I can help others more effectively.

    In my MLM business, if I keep myself healthy, I can then help others do the same, beginning with my family. Then, I circle outward, from 3 feet +, helping others in my daily life as healthy as me, utilizing information and products that facilitate it. We are able to impact the health of many, beginning with those closest to us. Sincerity penetrates skepticism, and quality of product (most MLM products are superior in ingredients and production) prevails. Those who choose to assist in the marketing of those oxygen masks will, and those who choose to breathe the oxygen only will do that too.

    In the end, everyone remains alive, healthy and some even wealtier. A perfect world…ya.

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