iGaggle contest: What to put on your website?

Just got this email today from Laurie…

“I have your books and tapes and here is a question I do not know how to handle:

“Because of your wonderful instruction I know what to say if a person wants some printed material.

“What I am having trouble with is when they want a web site.

“Anytime I have given them the company web site they totally lose interest.

“I would like to figure out how to not give out the web site and still retain their interest.”

Two contest questions:

1. What’s happened to you when you’ve sent a prospect to your company (replicating) website? Or (if you have one), to your own personally-created site on your business?

2. Imagine you have your own website that you control yourself. What do you think the first page of the site needs to be about in order to keep a searcher’s interest? Give an example of the language you propose. (not more than 100 words)

Winner: 6 months of “Select” membership in the iGaggle Network. (Cost: $203).

That select membership includes being listed with your own webpage in the two new NM industry search engines (beta): 1) Network Marketing Central (to help burned out MLMers find you and try again) and 2) for specialty product seekers: Ahaho

P.S. We’ve just started a section for trainers also. Delighted to point you to Tim Sales, my all time personal favorite. Just enter his name into either search engine above and voila!

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Kim Klaver


  • When I sent them to my company’s website they would see the 400 products and say oh my, andrun away.

    My New School website…

    My daughters inspired my passion for natural healthy alternatives.

    Want to know how I grew two picky eaters into healthy 20+ year olds?

    I added 30 natural, healthy fruit & veggie nutrients in a capsule.

    These veggies also come in a little packet which I add to juice and make a smoothie which we use as a “meal replacement” when we want to lose weight. We feel nourished thin, not starved.

    I’m helping my company market this new little nutritional product that’s kind of a high end lots of fruit & vegetable nutrients in capsules.

    I’m looking for some people who want to market this product and I’m particularly looking for people who really like to sell to help introduce this product into the area. Do you know anybody who might like to help do something like that?

  • Yay, someone else posted. I was too chicken to go first… now the pressure is on to think of something good. My company page is very busy and overwhelming…this is a good challenge.

  • 1. After having a replicating website for several years, I only got one order from the website. That was from someone I had talked to over the phone who wanted to look at the other products I had before she placed her order. The site was better than some, and I was able to personalize it with my details and if I had had “before” and “after” pictures I could have loaded them onto the website. But…I had no control over the content on the website, and there were things that had I been able to change, might have helped me at least capture names of my visitors.

    2. I think the first page should be a little about you – who you are, why you’re doing what you’re doing and your personal story. It’s a way for people to connect with the person behind the page. It should have a picture of you, because that helps people feel more comfortable with you. All these contribute to the know, like, trust factor – people will do business with people they know, like and trust.

    Here’s what I might say (and yes, it’s a little longer than 100 words, but I couldn’t find a way to cut it any more than I already did ):

    I grew up watching my mom taking an interest in herbs and alternative medicine. She took care of herself and always tried to use natural remedies instead of medications. Now, even in her 70s, she is healthy and on no medications.

    For years I tried different medications for my crippling migraines; for years I had short-lived relief with these medications. A friend recommended that I try a couple of supplements – one is a fish oil and the other a Chinese herb. Since then I have gone from three or four migraines a week to one a month, if that many.

    I’m helping the company market this product and I’m also on the lookout for another person who’s passionate about the product to help me market it too. Do you know anyone who might like to know about a product like that, or who might want to help market it?

  • Hi Kim,

    The answer to your first question:
    A couple of times when I sent people to our company site they couldn’t find enough information. Or an easy way to join (although the “Join Now” button is right in the middle of the page.)

    About your second question:
    I’m still working on my site, but one of the most important things on my first page besides my personal story will be a way to capture my visitors information.

    This will be in the form of an opt-in newsletter where they can get more information about my company, products, updates, etc.

    That serves two purposes. One, the visitors can get more information to make an informed decision. Two, it allows me to get in touch with them and introduce myself personally, create a relationship and answer the individual questions they may have.

    Like I already said, it will also have my personal story. How books have been a part of my life since an early age. How it was books that brought me to the United States. And how it is books again, right now, that are impacting and transforming my life.

    With the later, I hope people can identify. Because if the power of books can transform my life they may see a connection as to how it can do the same for them.

    Ilka ;o)

  • Hi Kim,
    The comments from potential customers looking at the website “confusing” “lots of information where do I start?” “not sure if this is for me”
    To introduce potential customers who are looking for a homebased business the first page talks about what matters in our life is our personal economy. With 6 Reasons to control our own personal economy and the benefits of taking charge of our own economy by having a homebased business.
    The next page explains the opportunity to help create their own personal economy. With our story about finding products that we love and companies that have the integrity and a solid foundation; also we explain the type of person we are looking for.

  • 1. I have sent several cold leads to our companies website. I have not been able to contact them again. Hmm…….
    I have gotten several wonderful comments from other NMers through Network Marketing Central.
    We are able to modify the company website to make it personal so we have tried to correspond as much information on both sites as possible.

    2. The first page of a site should be personal. A testimony page of sorts. I feel like they should get to meet you there- introductions are made before you jump to selling. It does need to be brief. On NMC each profile has 100 words that they picked to describe themsleves. This is a great way to introduce themselves. Using Kim’s first date script would work well too.

    This is what works for me. Do you know anyone who would be interested in learning more about it?

    Nancy Carlson

  • When I sent people to my company sites for the product I usually had orders from them because I had started by sending them to my NMC profile. A few people disapeared and I think they were put off by too many products and Making Money stuff.

    Yes I know I went over 100 words, I used 241. This is what I have on page one of my web site.

    What is the best food to feed a dog?
    There is no one food that’s best for all dogs. Every body is different with different needs. Some dogs are known to have allergies to wheat and can’t digest chicken. This doesn’t mean pet foods made with these ingredients are bad, it just means the food isn’t a fit for that dog so look for a different formula. Most companies have several formulas using different meat and grain sources. Rotate a dog’s healthy food so there’s less chance of him developing allergies to the same meat and grain protein sources.

    Small pet food manufacturers of healthy natural pet foods make smaller batches and pay higher prices for quality ingredients. Yes, you can expect the price you pay to be more but the cost to feed your pet a healthy diet is less because the food is concentrated and you feed less. Healthy pet foods are made from human quality ingredients. This means no by-products like grain fragments or left over animal parts not fit for human consumption. The food has natural preservatives. Sure the shelf life is shorter but do you really want a food with a shelf life longer than your pets? Understand a pet’s health depends on what he eats. If he isn’t thriving on his food keep searching and find something else. Healthy pet food isn’t just for pampered pets, it’s for the health and wellness of all pets.

    I also have the following:

    No promises about what the food will do for your pet.

    No pet food comparison charts or fantasy mongering to persuade or manipulate you.

    Here’s the real deal –
    This healthy dog and cat food is for pets with guardians who:
    *Know nutrition is very important for a pets whole health
    *Know pets are not getting healthy nutrition from mass-marketed food
    *Want a highly concentrated pet food
    *Want pet food that’s fresh and natural with real human ingredients
    *Want to buy from people whose whole lives revolve around healthy pets

    Robin and the fur gang

  • I market a service for people who value their privacy and don’t want criminals to use their computers for illegal purposes.

    The company replicated website is not bad as such sites go. For example, it has a spyware test that captures lead info. But I have signed up only one or two customers from that in two years.

    So, like all websites of the genre, it’s a good POST-marketing tool, but not a marketing tool.

    I created a website that’s about the pain a computer user experiences when his/her machine starts misbehaving from the effects of a hacker invasion. I offer a free report on Internet crime and how to avoid it.

    Here’s my longish headline:

    When you first got your computer, it ran like a race car on steroids. Now it acts like it can’t get out of first gear. You’ve got pop-ups, spam email, and other problems that waste your time and cost you money in repairs.

    The subhead:

    Didn’t you buy a computer to simplify your life? Keep in touch with family, friends and business associates? Have the world at your fingertips? Have a little fun?

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