"I’m embarassed to tell my income goal…

“…because it’s not high enough.” So said Mimi on the call yesterday.

People were stating their income goals, and Mimi didn’t want to tell hers because it seemed too puny by comparison. And of course, no one shouting out the shock and awe numbers were earning anything yet. It just sounded good, I guess.

But Mimi had a secret weapon: a shock and awe reason for doing the business.

She wanted to earn enough to visit her grandson – five states away – 3 times this year, because she was afraid she might not be around after that.

She knew exactly what the trips cost, the hotel stays, the presents she wanted to buy him, food, the whole thing. So we figured out exactly how she could do that. Her reason will be her strength.

Ask yourself: Who would you rather have in your business? Someone screaming they want a shock and awe income number? Or someone with a shock and awe reason for doing the business?

P.S. Remember the number one reason most Americans want a business of their own. See here. Hint: it ain’t the money.

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  • That was great- Please post her email address; I'd love to help her see her grandson by donating to a "grandson vacation"!

    Feel free to contact me- 917-450-7925

  • I would support people like Mimi in a heartbeat! The "Why" is so much more important than this idea that there gonna be rich in a couple of month's. We often don't support other peoples goals and push our goals on them. "Are you sure your not a size 8 syndrome?"
    Listen to your people, people. They will tell you what they want. Your job is to help them get that!

  • Too many people promote the big incomes in opportunity meetings and in one on one's and most people do join for the lure of money but the people who stay in the business don't stay for the money.

    If you get for the money and you don't find a bigger reason you'll eventually get out of the business.

    So I am looking for people with the bigger reason and not necessarily with the bigger income goals.

    Theodore from Greece

  • If I could have 20 Mimi's I would never have to work again.

    A specific goal get reached. Big numbers are etherial and mean nothing. Its that simple.

  • Mimi's numbers/reason was real not some imaginary dream numbers. She knows exactly what she wants and I'm sure she'll get there. It's her reason why she's doing the business.


  • After she reaches her goal of visiting her grandson, she can build on that goal and continue from there.

    By the way, Mimi's goal is a reasonable and reachable. It also makes her much more believable and authentic.

  • I completely agree that is more of what money can do for you than what money is by itself.

    The idea of working with somebody who is willing to take self-perceived realistic but challenging goals is a great start for any network marketing organization.

  • Awesome post! A slam-dunk, failure-is-not-an-option, reason for doing the business.

    No doubt in my mind that she will make it.

    Thanks for sharing this with us,


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