"I’m sorry what did you say?"

We’re in the midst of creating stories that resonate in the Customer Savvy Seminar.

That assumes the person understands your story. So they can decide if there’s a match.

That means, for one thing, no jargon or meaningless words that cannot be processed in 2-3 seconds by someone else. Here’s why.

When you’re “pitching” someone else, you get perhaps 10% of their attention. 90% of their attention behind their eyes is focused on what is important to them, e.g. picking up their kids, the parking ticket, the hair appointment, the call backs, the problem customer, etc.

So when you start slinging around technical jargon like “my GREAT Galvonic 956 Electrode Mechanism for Intercellular Facial Communication” you’ll see the glazed eyes and hear the faint, “Oh that’s nice. Say, what’s for lunch?”

Or, when if someone asks you. “What do you sell” do you reply:

“Oh, Shaklee!” or “I sell Via Viente!” (name your company)

If you do, you’ve just wasted the attention and airspace you were given. Sorry, no one knows the name of your company but others inside the company. Nor does anyone outside your company know (or care about) your product names.

Remember, you only get those first 5-10 seconds. Say something at least they can understand and has meaning for them. Names of products and companies are not it.

The class is using the orange script writing book, “If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It?” here.

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Kim Klaver


  • What are you trying to accomplish in those first 5-10 seconds? Is there where we are focusing on “benefits” and not “features”?

  • I am one of those fortunate enough to have responded in time to be included in this latest “Customer Savvy Seminar.” For those of you who had to “think” about it I only hope it is offered again for your sake.

    In the “Science of Getting Rich” published in 1910 Wallace Wattles said that we should give more than received in cash value. If that is a formula for eternal bliss then Ms. Kim, Vicki and company will be sitting at the right hand of the “man”.

    Please trust me when I say that the seminar has gone above and beyond what was advertised.

    With my very own personalized script put together by Kim and Vicki I chose to jump head-first into the cold cadaver calling part of the program. (This is where a person practices their script on people selected at random from your local phone book.) It’s too bad that I didn’t record my calls or have an “earwitness” because I am doubting if anyone will believe the results I got to experience.

    The rest of the seminar participants will get to hear about it today.

    When a book, seminar, workshop etc. leaves me feeling fortunate and very grateful for having crossed its path such as this one I know it’s a winner! Thanks so much Kim and company for teaching us to do this industry in the sane and right way!

  • Bret –

    What you’re trying to accomplish in those first 5-10 seconds is see if the other person has [your kind of] a toothache, or if they might know someone who does. When someone else has no toothache, the dentist’s ad will fall on deaf ears – for the moment that is.

    Another analogy – Think of it as though you’re looking for a tennis partner. You ask people you come across, “Say do you know anyone who plays tennis?” You don’t do features and benefits, you just ask.

    Versus insisting tennis is the only thing worth doing, listing the features and benefits, to show it’s better than other sports.

    Hope that helps.

  • Jerome –

    Thanks for taking the time to post your experience. Someone once said the Customer Savvy (3 scripts) was like AA for networkers who had NO idea how they really came across to other people. And then they fixed it.

    It’s not hard to fix, but when you don’t know you don’t know, you just keep banging your head and eventually give up.

    Thanks again for posting. We taped your script change process, so maybe we’ll post it one day. Think?

  • My daughter and I have been banging our heads against a brick wall for the past two years with our Network Marketing business before finding Kim.

    We’ve implemented everything Kim tells us to do such as our “first date script”.

    We call Massage Therapists from the yellow pages and say:
    “I’m Vicky a local business owner and I’m calling the top massage therapists to ask a quick question?
    I market a product for people who have sore achy joints and muscles and are looking for an alternative for natural pain relief. It’s an essential oil it brings the bodys energy to where you apply it for circulation and healing. Do you have any clients that might like to know about a product like that?”

    We’ve got literally hundreds of FREE leads from our phone books and much success.

    Simplicity is elegance… thanks Kim.

    Vicky Taylor

  • First, GREAT job, Jerome! I was on the call today and heard your results. WELL DONE!

    Second, THANK YOU Kim for offering the Customer Savvy Workshop. I too am fortunate that I was able to participate, especially since I read your book If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It? a few years ago, but failed to take action at that time.

    And third, BIG UPS to Vicki too for listening intently enough to help each of us get very clear about our ‘story’. Now we can can better communicate why we’re doing what we’re doing without sounding like a typical network marketer.


  • I just finished this Customer Savvy Workshop and now I have my own script ready in English and in Dutch. This class was so much the right thing for me, because it showed me how I can do this business by finding customers first, in a way that I can be me. Today I spent most of the day in the Remembering Room. Behind all the clutter of computers, books, boxes with stuff and work to be done was a door to the Remembering Garden. There I found myself climbing trees again and change the world.

    Vicki and Kim, thank you so much.


  • Kim,

    I love the analogy of AA for networkers. We also had some good laughs during the seminar for sure and now it continues.

    In my previous post I left out an important part of what Wallace Wattles wrote. It should have been that one should strive to give more in USE value than cash value received. I almost feel guilty for what I got from the seminar compared to what I paid for it.

    Please feel free to post my script change process and I hope this is a way that I can give back to you .

  • Thanks Anita for the kind words. In a weird kind of way the cold cadaver calling process was therapeutic. It was good to get a few nos under my belt to realize I will live another day to make more calls.

    I am glad to hear you have knocked the dust off your copy of the book. Maybe now is your time!


  • Jerome, Good to have met you on yesterday’s call. Way to go with the cadaver calling! I’m looking forward to making my own calls and having fun with it.

    Thanks also to Kim and Vicki. Like one of the participants said, they cut right through the fog. I get tied up in words and need help with the way I talk to people. I didn’t realize how badly I sound like a seller, especially using my upline’s “system.” Kim’s approach is honest and real — people like me will appreciate that.

  • Great job to Jerome for taking the class, fine tuninig his script and already taking action with it!

    WAY to go!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer

  • I thought I would share an update. If you recall from my cold cadaver calling I was referred to a gift shop owner by her sister. I am so excited to pass along that I have phoned her and next Tuesday I have an appointment to show her my products!! Wow – this stuff really works – if I do!!


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