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Some Income Alternatives To Network Marketing?

I know it’s heresy to some, but here it comes:

There are many ways to make money from home
and online. Not just network marketing.
If you are stuck with recruiting or getting customers
for your business right now, it’s ok. You’re not alone…
Here are two options for pretty fast income before
the holidays – without recruiting.  One without selling.

1. Sell stuff…
with no biz opp attached…or
2. Do stuff for pay, right on your computer.
No sales involved. Here we go…

1. Sell Stuff. Products, programs, how-to-info programs…
Without a biz opp attached.

ClickBank products or JV Zoo. 
(Note: CB now has a cool earn-income-online university here...)
Those are digital product “stores” for product
creators, and affiliates who want stuff to sell.
*NO CHARGE to sign up or become an affiliate*
Another option for affiliates with no biz opp attached…

uru products like Frank Kern’s stuff, Eban Pagan,
Dan Kennedy, Andy Jenkins, etc. (Google them.)
You sell these digital (versus physical) info programs and
earn 40-75% commissions.

Note: Some are monthly subscription products
so you earn that residual...)
Drawback: You need people to sell to.
Great if you have a responsive list, or ad and education
budget, and time to learn to do this.
They’re great skills to have, though. Think?
If you’re short on time and resources…and need
right now income.

2. Do stuff online directly. No selling.

OK OK…before you hold your nose… 

Here’s how this works:
Do the work. Get paid. You do not depend on
others buying from you or selling for you...
Two options:
1. Offer your skills to a freelance service like oDesk,
Elance, etc. You bid on jobs. Get one, do it right, get paid.
2. Do specified work, get paid. Without bidding or competing,
and without having
to sell or recruit.,,

Remember those?
That’s where a company wants your opinion for
a product you use or might use, and they pay you for it.
Only here, instead of getting dressed up and going somewhere,
you’re paid to give your opinion online.  Like this super popular
Check it out.  Looks a little cheapo on the art, but
they’re helping thousands of people earn online for
a much needed service – feedback on products
Anyway, those are some options. Hope that was helpful?
Christmas time is near.  Some alternative
fast income without selling options..In case. 🙂

PS It’s OK to do other things to earn needed income from
home if your NM business isn’t doing it for you at the moment. 🙂 
That’s why I am recommending you look into this no selling option.
A little schmaltzy looking but boy is it popular and helping people earn
quick income doing something companies need…:)

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Kim Klaver

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  • Hi Kim,

    Great sharing! While I absolutely love Network Marketing, I do recommend others going to Clickbank in order to generate instant cashflow.

    I guess what I love about Network Marketing is the repeat income after the initial work is done. In affiliate marketing or ‘do stuff online’, active work is required in order to get paid. In network marketing, the idea is to share information and/or testimonials in order to acquire customers or independent distributors. Happy customers re-order stuff that they love. They also generate referrals.

    Love your thoughts about fast income, Kim!

    With Appreciation,

    Viola Tam

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