Interviews with two leading women – new Klaver Podcast

A new site, Kim Klaver Podcast (formerly known as with some fun audios and interviews –

#1 (bottom of page) is an interview with Mary Jane, a gal who got 2,497 Customers in 2.5 years after she learned what to say. She tells how she did it and the three-day script class (now on CD here – the mini 3 Scripts 5 CD Course or the Maxi New School 14 CD set she took that started it for her…

#10 Interview with Jan Anderson, industry superstar who answers the question: “How do you recruit a woman today so she sticks?”

Enjoy. I’ll add more as I can…

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  • Kim two things about this post.

    Last November I decided to join one of your 1:00 Friday calls. This call changed my business. Mary Jane was on the call so I guess she was the one to make me see I could be successful with network marketing.

    I bought my NMC showcase while on this call and I’ve never looked back. NMC and igaggle is where I belong but I never would have known it if not for Mary Jane.

    Will you let us put a link to on our websites and blogs? It is too good to not share, if that’s ok with you.

  • Technical question for you…

    Is there a way to download these podcasts to my computer? When I click to download the file, it is a link instead of the actual mp3.

    I’d love to listen to these in the car, and I just don’t have my computer with me to do that.

    These all look really great Kim! Thanks for sharing these with us!

  • Yes, is that okay Kim? I would like to make your podcast available to my downline, from my website. And, it may inspire them to participate in iGaggle also.

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