Is it right to publish ads that promise more than [X] can do?

Most consumers would say that the ads for whatever they bought or bought into, are much better than the something that was advertised.

And much better than the experience with that something. And much better than the service for that something.

Should we write ads that paint a more accurate picture?

Or is that too scary?

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Kim Klaver


  • Kim,
    Seth Godin writes 1 in 10,000 is a good marketing response. If marketing ads were more truthful and the return was 1 in 15,000, would we make enough profit to continue to fund the marketing cost?

    I am an addict for referral marketing. It is all I use for one of my local businesses and it has increased my closing rate 4 fold.

    It is the most cost effective method I have found to grow and sustain that business. The results are also very trackable.

    Most other methods of marketing or advertising have seemed like an expensive game of “pin the tale on the donkey”. In addition, you never know where the ‘prick’ is coming from.

    Word O mouth,
    Tom Doiron

  • Couldn’t agree with you more, Kim, about accuracy in advertising!

    I’ve recently placed some online ads for business builders to add to my new biz, and because of your advice I decided to not sugar-coat the facts. Here’s one example:

    RUSSIAN speaking *Network Marketer* Needed…
    Must LOVE Nutrition and helping people.
    Must be able to invest $300-$500 for kit and have an advertising budget.
    Must understand that it can take a year or more to build a sizeable income, especially if you do it part time. Grow it as fast as you want, your choice.
    Must have a computer with Internet; must speak/read English so I can train you.
    Previous experience as a network marketer a plus, but if not, that’s okay. Part time is okay, too.
    Call Karen at (760) 940-9022

    I’ve placed similar ads for Filipino as well as Spanish speaking entrepreneurs. No nibbles yet, but I’m looking for aces and building a customer base in the meantime. It’s funny, though, how antsy this makes my upline! They’re all old-school and want me to sign up everyone I meet into the biz, like I naively did with my first biz. But I’m older and wiser now, so I just keep telling them that I won’t be building my business that way any more! It’s frustrating for my upline but it’s a relief for me to let go of that aggressive mentality.

    So to your point, Kim, my intention is to paint as accurate a picture as possible for people, whether verbally or in print.

    Warmly, Karen

  • I am very keen to know the result of your adv that is so direct, I am new in advertising to recruit people over the interent? How do you do it?

    I am exposed to copy writting which is supposed to communicate benefit to people.

    Will like to explore this way of reaching prospect in near future

  • How about:

    Looking for motivated person to start their own home business. Must currently have income from another source because, as with any business, you may not see a profit for the first year or two. If you have time (at least 10 hours/week) and cash flow for expenses (at least $300/mo.) and want to build your own business, we have a team of entrepreneurs to mastermind with that will work with you and help you be successful.

    If you’re looking for a “get rich quick scheme”, this is not for you.

    Email for an interview.


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