Is NM slipping because our values are slipping?

Do you think it’s OK for someone to repeat untrue things to get someone into their business?

For example, “This is easy. Anyone can do it.” Or “Everyone wants this product. It sells itself.”

If those two things haven’t been true for the person saying it, would you, knowing that, want to come into the business with her?

What about this: “If I could show you a way to make $8,000 in your first 30 days, would you be interested?” Or “If we could show you a way to make $5-6k/mo working 10 hours per week, would you be interested?”

If you knew that neither the speaker nor anyone he knew had ever done those things, would you want to come in with him?

How about telling only part of the story: “I signed up 10 people already and they’re really good people, too.”

Detail they don’t reveal to you, “But they haven’t done anything and most have already quit.”

You can add to the list, I’m sure.

Remember the old “Do unto others…” adage? Is this how you want to have things presented to you? With false pretenses and partial truths designed to lure you in?

Are we all so lost in the rush to get what we want that we don’t bother anymore to tell the truth to other humans looking to us for hope?

Most great spiritual movements teach us that telling false tales is wrong:

“Do not bear false witness.” (Luke 18:18, New King James version of the Bible)

Shall we raise that value back up where it belongs?

What if, as our moral values take center stage in our words and deeds again, Network Marketing comes back right along with it?

Heathen and atheists: Do you agree?

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