Kicking ass is more fun

Think this point of view is true or false for network marketers?

Kicking ass is more fun. You know it’s true. The better you get at something, the better it feels. Snowboarding. Programming. Writing. Learning Japanese. Chess. Painting. Building cars. Cooking. Designing a web page. Skateboarding. Teaching. Marketing. Being a parent. Being in love.

“My running coach told me a few years ago, “It’s just more fun when you’re faster.” I wasn’t sure what he meant; I was just trying to get back in shape and do a decent 10K. But once I started training with much better runners, and began pushing myself and keeping my splits and timing my speed work… it was more fun. And it wasn’t like I had any illusion of being competitive. Being better is just more fun.”

Using just the text above, vote. (This piece continued here…)

Warning: if you say ‘agree’, you have just unsubscribed to the idea that NM is easy.

For you, it’s time to decide what YOU personally want to get really kick-ass good at in NM. There are MANY skills in marketing a product and business. You may have some already. Hint: the more narrowly you define the skill-to-be-mastered, the better. “Presentation skills” is so broad as to be meaningless. What, specifically, do you want to be kick-ass good at doing there?

Those who vote no, class dismissed.

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Kim Klaver


  • I agree totally! And what new people need to remember is that the ass-kickers were once scared to open their mouths about the product for fear of losing friends, sounding stupid, whatever. The difference between ass-kickers and quitters is that they face their fears and do it anyway. They try new things and find that practice makes perfect. No activity = no results, guaranteed. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

    The skill I want to master this year is finding other ass-kickers and inspiring them to stay that way. I know I can’t motivate someone else; it needs to come from within. So I’m determined to be the best example I can be to my team and invite them at every opportunity to be an active participant in my mission to improve the health of every family we touch.

    Happy New Year, Everyone!


  • Kim I want to be better at writing posts on my blog. I want to make the readers think of how my writing relates to them. I want them to say, “That sounds like me, I want to know more about her.” I know some readers will reply with, just be yourself but that is about me, not about the reader. I do write many things about me and enjoy it.

    How do you write a blog without it coming across as just another way to market your product or business?


  • Hi Robin:

    Re your style, develop your own. For example, some people love Stephen King novels, others John Grisham, others Tom Clancy, others Virginia Wolfe, etc…they got good at developing their style by writing a LOT and reading a lot.

    And they all have followings, different, mostly, to go with all the different people’s tastes.

    As to how to write without seeming to be self-serving and selling, it seems that in today’s marketplace, teaching sells. I mean genuine teaching something, or giving of useful information. That’s to first establish yourself as an authority on something. When you do that, people often ask about what you do or even what multis you take. You can also put little ads on your blog, on the sides, like I do here.

    One good source of copy writing is a blog called Have you seen that?


    I agree, I have never wanted to motivate unmotivated people. I don’t understand why they get into sales or network marketing, or ANY business of their own. Oh yes, I know – someone told them it would be easy.

    I used to tell people who needed that to go to Tony Robbins first, and then come back to me. Hehehe.

    The trick is, how do you attract the few self motivated people there are in the world? I’d bet it’s less than 1 in 100. Everyone else seems to need a gun to their head to go the extra mile.


  • Blog Bunney:
    You write: “I want to excel at bringing only the warriors into my organization”

    I’d guess that what every sales organization wants – to bring in the warriors or stars. Start by defining “warrior” specifically. That will help you describe them in your ads.

  • Hey Kim,

    Where’s a good place to learn to buff up a blog? I don’t know how to stick little ads on them, or ’embed’ things, etc; so much fun stuff to learn! You have a lot of know-how with it — we’re lucky to be the recipients.

    Also, Blog Bunney: I am curious about what a ‘warrior’ is, for you in your business. Care to describe further?

    Happy New Year to all,

  • Michelle – you write “The difference between ass-kickers and quitters is that they face their fears and do it anyway.”

    Another difference is that clever ass-kickers find ways to fish for the right ones in the pond, and not disturb the wrong ones…so there is less to fear and less reason to quit.


  • Kim,
    This comment “Another difference is that clever ass-kickers find ways to fish for the right ones in the pond, and not disturb the wrong ones…so there is less to fear and less reason to quit.”
    YES! That’s IT! Right on target. By not disturbing the wrong ones we give professionalism back to the industry, and THAT in itself might eventually create more of the ‘right’ fish in the pond, for there are tons of ‘fish’ who could be SO right for NM if only it wore a more honest and true face – NOT a mask with a bunch of hype and lies hidden behind it.

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