"LOVE ‘those guys in the tuxedos’"

Tuesday is customer day.

tuxedoHere’s a different point of view about the post, “those guys in tuxedos” from yesterday, where I reported the story of a rep who had lost his customers because they didn’t want to receive literature on the business opportunity. C. wrote me:

“I don’t know how anyone else feels; but, this article naming Eniva as a company that doesn’t let customers be customers feels really like negative company-bashing to me.

Great to make a point; but, I don’t like seeing that companies are named negatively on the website….mine or anyone else’s. It puts a bias in people’s minds before they’ve even taken a look or had their own experience.

As an Eniva rep myself, I find that the company is more than happy to let customers be customers. And they support those of us who are working the business in ways that I have never felt or been supported by any company I’ve ever been with in the 15+ years of my networking activity…and there have been many companies. In fact I attribute my success w/ the company to how wonderfully they support and take care of us. All of us….customers and business builders alike.

Personally, I truly LOVE “those guys in the tuxedos”… They are the best!”

Your take?

Opine below…

P.S. This is not a statement about my opinion of the company, Eniva. I want to give equal time to another view about those now famous guys in tuxedos…They may well be ‘the best’ for many. Still, many customers just don’t want to hear about the business, and that was the point of the previous post.

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  • If they don’t want to be in business throw away the literature. No one is forcing them to read it.
    Do they also call the post office and say stop sending me mail because I dont want to see all the junk mail?
    Frankly, I think its just an excuse. I certainly wouldn’t quit a company because a few customers can’t handle some literature thrown in with their order. Especially if I loved the product.


  • Ummm… I think some folks are missing the real point here.

    It’s not about you.

    It’s about THEM and what THEY want. Customers, that is.

    These comments are pretty Old School in their outlook. It ain’t about the company. It’s about the customers.


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