Magnetic marketer?


Who do you want to become as a marketer?

1) Magnetic-hypnotic marketer – you master the instant “magnetic, persuasive, hypnotic, secret, amazing (you name it) language” that will turn the prospect into helpless putty in your hands, or

2) Match-making marketer – you master the art of describing and finding people (not instant) for whom your product or business is really a match, and then market to them.

In 1) you seek to control others with “magic, secret language” (works well for some products, and super-well for people selling those programs), and in 2) you hope to find genuine matches (similar world views, interests, concerns) and offer your program to THEM rather than anyone out there.

Both kinds of marketers are out there, for all kinds of products.

Two questions.

1. What the kind of marketing approach works better for the NM business and products?

2. What kind of marketer to you want to become?

Check your marketing programs, eBooks and CDs. Which one are you learning to become?

Results so far here.

P.S. Here’s a Match-making marketing approach I’m using to help get our website/blog made visible – to the right people online.

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Kim Klaver


  • I would said I will based my approach n match making marketing and need the skill of magnetic hypnotic to help them make a decision that they believe it is good for them.

    I am in a trance all the time, trance that holding me back from successful.

    Use magnetic hypbosis skill to get people into a more resourceful trance so they can benefit from the product and biz

  • Dear Kim,

    When JC called out his twelve, he told impetuous Peter, the fisherman, that he would make him a fisher of men. From some of the Greek texts, it could have been translated, “I will teach you how to catch and convert men by your speech”. So what is the difference between JC’s technique and the “magnetic-hypnotic marketer”? One huge one that I know of is the motivation. One is born out of selfless giving and the other out of selfish gain.

    For over three decades I have heard professional sales trainers tell me that I have to master these manipulative techniques to help the poor prospect that isn’t smart enough to get out of his own way at decision time. Of course it had nothing to do with closing more sales and fattening my wallet. It is all just to help the prospect.

    This coy coaxing is a large ingredient in the sales concoction the tastes so bad to 99 out on 100 people. It is just a lot more fun to be a match-maker. It builds slower for sure, but with the quality of endurance.

    On my profile page, you will read one of my deep core values and that is to love people and use things.

    Wait for me, Pete!
    Tom Doiron

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