How Mary left her abusive spouse. Finally.

Walking alone medWe always knew it was about more than the money…

Mary Stout (permission to tell was granted) finally got up the courage
to leave an abusive spouse…She wrote me just now…


“Kim – I gotta thank my lucky stars for network marketing for giving me
the courage n strength to do this. who would have thought that!

“…all the wonderful audios i listen to made me bolder, wiser…

“…and Kim – I have not made much at all but the wisdom n knowledge is PRICELESS…

“…and i am not worried anymore about the money. I have a GREAT story now!”

And the icing for me?

“…you my friend Kim, are the reason i never give up!”

There is no better reward for me than to KNOW I have impacted another life.
There are SO many ways to do that in our business.

The financial rewards are just ONE benefit. Money comes and goes. But if I –
and the business I am part of – can help someone regain their self- confidence,
their self-esteem and then I get to see that person get up the nerve to take a
big bold action – well, there is no better why for me.

Once you raise your own standards, it’s wonderful to reach out to the next
man or woman. What if they want to raise theirs?

So very grateful for our business.

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