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How to make your list love you…

Happy Apple fanHow to make your list love you…

Whether you have five peeps or 5,000, here’s what you do.

Before you hit SEND, EVER, do five quick checks.

1. Send it to yourself. See it as your prospect would.

2. Read it as if YOU had received it from a marketer. You are on
the lists of various marketers, yes?

3. How did the email make you feel?

4. Is there a tip, something the person can USE right now, to make
their life or their business better? (Or is it just a pitch?)

5. Check your signature. Does it have a list of red and blue links
or words followed by !!!’ – which make you look – to the reader –
like a screamy marketer who has no focus?

If it’s just a pitchy screamy email, expect the open rate to
drop to 1-2%. And soon, for most folks to unsubscribe.

I mean, wouldn’t YOU stop opening emails when you know you’re
going to get a pitch?

We can do better, think?

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