Microsoft’s Scoble to Ballmer: Learn grassroots marketing!

a grass root

“Why doesn’t Wall Street believe Steve Ballmer?”

That’s the question posed by famous Microsoft former employee/blogger Robert Scoble, about why the second in command at Microsoft (Ballmer) didn’t seem to get the respect from the Wall Street big wigs. Here’s Scoble’s answer:

“That’s an easy one. Cause he didn’t convince the grass roots influence networks first. Why have Google and Apple done so well in the last three years? Cause the grassroots loves them. That’s the powerroot of the industry. Ideas here don’t come from the big influencers and move down. No, they start on the street and move up. Anyone miss how Google got big? Not by throwing a press conference.”

Grass roots influence networks. Delightful phrase, yes?

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  • Two huge examples of grass roots influence – The movie What The Bleep Do We Know (independent film, did hit the theatres, laregely promoted by people who are just passionate about the message of self-responsibility and empowerment, like me – no referral fees, just sharing a message) and now, the DVD “The Secret”, rather masterfully promoted online and available for viewing online or purchase online only ( The real secret is applying The Secret to one’s benefit versus one’s detriment. If we arm our newbies with this and Kim’s book, we’ll make a huge difference.

    So, there’s my grass roots marketing for today.

  • (totally unrelated to the content of the blog) I am stunned by the picture on this page. I was a MEMBER of RCSCC Bowmanville so many years ago.

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