Money aside, why else do you want to do this?

That’s a question I asked a group of network marketers in a current class whose focus is “How to get your people to DO something.”

We can all see that the promise of money, by itself, isn’t enough to keep people motivated to continue the business (95%+ drop out rate). So it seems reasonable to ask what else might keep someone going.

Immediately Mimi popped up:

“I’ve been in the business nine years, and I’m at the second from the top position in my company. Here’s my why else: Money was always secondary – My friend appealed to my missionary spirit nine years ago. I kept saying I just wanted to help people. (I sold the product for my friend 6 months before signing up because the money wasn’t the motivator for me.)

Finally she said the magic words: ‘If you did this as a business, just think of all the people you could help?! You could reach thousands.’

I signed up immediately and never looked back. And I have literally helped thousands enjoy better health and a better lifestyle!”

So for Mimi, money was not only NOT the primary motivator, but it kept her from doing the business when it was presented for the money, because that wasn’t in sync with her inner missionary, if you will.

Then came the sponsor’s magic words, mirroring her own desire – “Think of all the people you could help…thousands.”

How many people like Mimi are you losing by leading only with the promise of money? People who would DO this AND stay the course because some other need is finally being recognized, honored, and met?

Everyone has an inner indentity looking to debut, be it the empire builder, the hero onstage with thousands giving her a standing O, the yacht owner, the missionary, the one who wants to make a difference – all these are motivators for starting AND staying the course in a business like this.

Why only appeal to ONE of these?

So ask yourself and everyone in your business: Money aside, why else do you want to do this?

Marketing remarkably good products means much more than money to some people – spreading the word about them can help one feel like they are making a difference somehow…that second life they long for.

And we can start this new approach one person at a time. We, the people, can do it.

There are no policies or procedures that need to be put in place. Start by offering something other than the money to your business prospects, if something other than the money is what means the most to you.

Going for the higher good works at all levels. Here’s how Starbucks recruits folks for a difficult job, i.e. serving often long lines of impatient customers fast, for relatively little pay:

“At Starbucks, you can make a difference in someone’s day…”

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