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My first “company” in this business – 24 years ago…

My first “company” in this business…24 years ago…Two women b & w Cropped

They sold water filters…(that’s the portable one I still use to this day)NSA water filter

When I signed up with my professor-friend, he told me I’d be doing something bigger than me. And gave me all the company history, slides, to learn and present with. 

But I never started with that. Not in any meeting or on any one on one.

Because. Nobody cared about the company or its history. Not as the first thing they’d want to hear…

They cared – first and foremost – about why I was promoting this water thing and what it might do for THEM.

And that’s what I sold…My why. My beliefs and life practices before the water filters, why I used the filters now, and why I decided to offer it as a product an opportunity.

The company and its history were the LEAST of anyone’s concern. Especially mine.

To this day, I have never led with the company, or the pay plan, or the products. I led with what appealed to me, and that I’m looking for people who (share those values).

For that first year or so, it was not until people signed the distributor app that they even heard of the company name. And some experienced MLMers would gasp, “OMG this is Company X??!!” (Those were the days of paper apps.)

And I’d say, “Yep, and this is how we’re marketing it.”

And they signed up.

It’s about YOU first.

PS in my first 90 days I sold about $65,000 worth of those filters, part time, with my real estate contacts. I added a question to the end of each phone call (many calls per day). So many people wanted to try these that I had pick-up trucks going out each weekend to “puppy-dog” the units. Whole house, sink, shower units, etc. 

The company was so surprised they asked me to come to the very next convention and tell everyone how I did that. As they introduced me walking on stage, the MC said, “And she made all this money actually SELLING the product!” (I have the video still, hehehe.)

(It was still the days of, “There’s no money in the product! The money’s in the recruiting!”)

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