My First Report for the 90-Day Wealth Attraction Experiment.

Here’s how to play in the 90-day Wealth Attraction Experiment. (Might want to print this out.)

1. In the 5 and 5 Wealth ( (open window WIDE enough so you can see “Friday” in the center right area)

  • Lift eyes to right rail (Members Area) and click REGISTER.You do this ONE TIME.
  • Enter that info. INCLUDE a user name or it won’t work. The system ONLY displays the first letter of your first name on the public page. See the other names? Your email contact info will NOT be made public.
  • Hit SUBMIT on the bottom.
  • Either a)wait for the email from 5and5Wealth or b)go to the site directly here (
  • Log in (right rail)
  • Go to UPDATE REPORT at the very top left of the page.
  • Update your info – each day if u want. We started the week of August 31.

Whatever day you transferred money (online is ok) into the Wealth Account, check that ($ icon). Whatever day you did it for the Give Account (present icon) check that.

You can update (and check on your cohorts) each day. LOG IN, and click on UPDATE REPORT at top left of page. Enter data and hit “submit”.

The idea: you actually physically (online) transfer the 5 and 5% whenever you get money and put it into your bank account. Daily, once a week, whatever. For 90 days. That’s the experiment.

Have fun! Who will be in the first 10? (We have space for ya…so come on over.)

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