Network Marketing for Women

Here’s my take how women would like to be taught to do the “approach” part of network marketing. And, how we’d like to be treated at the other end of a mini sales “pitch”. It’s from the new intro to my experimental Squidoo site…

Delighted to hear your reactions in “Comments” below. (Coming next: The first 7 days in a Woman’s Network Marketing Business.)

Network Marketing for Women is for someone who wants to market their products without hype or gimmicks. And without sounding like a high pressure salesperson.

It’s for someone who does not have lots of confidence, and who may have gotten a few surprise no’s from people they know.

Ladies, what if you discovered that the best way to treat your prospective customer (whether you know her or not) that first time is more like flirting than scoring? We women don’t expect to jump into the back seat the first night, do we? No matter what the boys hope and angle for. Well, sales is like that.

Treat prospective customers, including friends, like you do the guy on that first date – open the kimono just a little, then step back. Just a hint will do. Would you ruin the mystery (and your edge) by stripping down that first night?

I know the guys in front of the room make it sound easy – that everyone will want this product – that it sells itself. But that’s like the guy saying all the girls want him. Hahaha!

Other women who are open to something don’t need more that just a little story about how it’s helped you. If, after you tell it, you don’t hear an “Oh that sounds like me!” reaction, you can let go. Isn’t that how you’d want to be treated? No pressure on either side that way. And you can remain friends.

There is always someone else who’s looking for the kind of product that helped you. All women are looking for ways to get more done in a day, lose weight, look better, or feed their family better. Promise.

It’s just about how motivated they are do do something about it right then, and whether the alternative you offered fits her worldview. No pressuring, remember? That’s what WE hate about salesmen, isnt it?

Remember there are nearly 300 million people in the US alone. All you need is a few hundred customers to start things going. Relatively speaking, that’s almost no one. 🙂

This means when you’re looking for a new customer, you can expect at least MORE HERE…


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