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No one to talk to?

Hmm. Is this a problem for you?

Of course, we all DO have plenty of people to talk to, but we don’t
feel good approaching them with the business – or product or service.

So of course the brain goes, “No one to talk to.”
(Not about THAT, anyway).

Brain trick.

Let your brain – and heart – know the ‘talking to people’ job is
NOT to persuade others to buy or join. No. The job is to do the show.

Once you get totally and completely out of the persuasion
mindset (and don’t let your upline put that on you!) it’s amazing
how many people suddenly pop into one’s mind.

Have done this exercise exactly with our team, and for the last
three weeks of our 90-Day Run 2, no one has expressed a shortage
of people to talk to and do demos with. (And no one’s doing
cold market even though ALL have been in the NFL with their
previous ‘deals.’)

Test it for yourself.

Persuade yourself your job is NOT to persuade, but just to show.
In case. See if your brain doesn’t suddenly open up and pop out
people’s names…Have pen and paper ready. Might be a bunch.

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Kim Klaver


  • I just let my brain and heart know that I have to say to myself I am going to get one name and phone number today in the Senior Community Center where I eat lunch at. I need to tell myself my job is to get a phone number. The volunteer was standing by the magazine table and I went up to her and introduced myself. I found out the volunteer’s “hot button” that she was looking for a job. I said to her – “My Friend is looking for someone like you, open to opportunities, looking for something different to do in the financial field.” Volunteer was interested and I got her phone number. Next step is have my Friend call the volunteer and set up an appointment.
    When you plan things in your mind, it become easier to talk to people. And your mind will pop out other people’s names. The volunteer was a cold market.

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