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“You are not Jesus.”

That’s what I told my folks on my team call tonight.

“Your job is NOT to convert. It is NOT to tell others what bad things
might happen if they don’t join. It’s not to promise the kingdom
of happiness and financial freedom when they sign up. Because.
You. Don’t. Know. That.

Your job is to
1) show, and
2) ask if they can see themselves using this, and
3) if so, how they would use it?”

(That’s for the product or service, in my case, a service)

One gent said that in five years of doing MLM, he’s done more demos
in two weeks than he ever did before. With the same warm market that
in the past, would never take his calls.

He’s giddy.

Bottom line: Don’t approach peeps with conversion in mind. It doesn’t
seem to work these days. You show. THEY decide.

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