Rate your money-making guru products: Launch Tree

You bought a program or product that offered you online riches.

How do you rate it now that you have it and have started using it? You know, vis a vis what attracted you to it?

1. ……….A complete failure in every way
2. ………..Barely functional – don’t buy it
3……..Serious flaws, proceed with caution
4…………… Downsides outweigh upsides
5….. Recommended with a few reservations
6…. A solid product that has some issues
7……………Very good, but not quite great
8………Excellent, but with room to kvetch
9………………. Nearly flawless – buy it now
10…….. Metaphysical product perfection

(From Wired mag)

Let’s use it to rate the probability of your success with stuff you’re considering buying.

E.g. Launch Tree. It’s the latest Internet marketing guru product – being hotly promoted by the some of the biggest guns. It promises to make you big money while you do, of course, very little. Oh darn. Once it is set up, that is. Now they confess that part is isn’t as easy as it sounds.

When promoters admit, after the 7th promotional email, that their money making program is not easy or fast to set up, you can be sure it isn’t. Read: you have to be an expert, or hire one, to get it set up in any reasonable time. Much like a video distribution program I bought, then unbought. They wanted to charge me to show me how to use it. Right.

Oh, and the Tree Launch also admits that it expects you to have customers already.

That’s because its income promises depend 100% on getting existing customers to buy MORE. My good friend Frank Kern, in his promo, says he and buddy John Reese will show you how to “get customers” in one day if you get it from him.

Getting customers is the greatest challenge of EVERY new business in the world. Easier said than done, as all new business people discover.

The initial cost of the program, before the upsells, is relatively cheap – $77. Of course there will be upsells and a monthly continuation fee of some kind. That comes after you’ve been sucked in by the juicy promises, you know, in the fine print.

Don’t get me wrong. It may be a VERY good program. For people who have the time, know-how or money to set it up. And for people who already have active, buying customers, not just a list whose members unsubscribe whenever you make them an offer. And for people who realize it takes TIME to build a business and a customer list.

But of course it’s being sold as quick easy money. “Only $77” too.

And there’s the question: If it is NOT quick, NOT easy, and you need customers already, there are likely other obstacles that need to be overcome a newbie won’t know about. Big ones. I wonder if there should be a ranking system depending on the experience and business acumen of the audience being pitched. Like movie ratings.

Because it’s not just the money one spends, it’s the time and hope given to something. Something that many people realize, AFTER the time and money have been spent, they had no business buying – not yet anyway.

RATING of Launch Tree: 3: Serious flaws, proceed with caution

Sins of omission, sins of information are the big bummer flaws.

Your thoughts?

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Kim Klaver


  • I have done a lot of reading about the Launch Tree, and everything was glowing reviews to the point that I had to put on some sunglasses 8). I appreciate the real review you have here. I think it is probably a great tool, and will work, like you said for those that are already established. I seen in one blog (not mentioning it by name) that you don’t even need a product or know how, they will teach you everything if you buy the product from them. That line of BS was hard to swallow.

    Keep’n it honest, appreciate it.

  • The internet marketing gurus are doing their job to sell their products.

    Every three months, the gurus come out with new products to show us how to make money.

    Then most of them have the continuity program.

    Plus they are doing JV promotions, which means, buy from me I will give so many bonus products.

    The products may work but not for average person.

    You need to have some basic HTML or computer knack to work that program.

    So do your research and stick to one course. I think one should learn more about adwords.

  • I prefer to study John Reese marketing strategy and steps rather than his product..

    He has a brilliant strategy not just for this Launch Tree product but several of his past products too.

  • Thank you for your evaluation of this product. I think I have been getting about 10 emails a day over many days from various promoters of this product and that is overwhelming. I have fallen into this trap before of how easy something is and how reasonably priced etc. And then I get it and don’t have the time that is required or perhaps the skill to really move forward with it. This time although tempted after the 50th email I did not go forward with it and after reading this I am very happy with my decision. Thanks.

  • Thanks Kim! I always greatly appreciate honest reviews. Over the years, I’ve purchased packages that have been beyond my ability to implement, or just wrong for me for one reason or another. I’ve always gotten a cheerful and prompt refund when that happens. Not recommending you just buy and request refunds, but it’s good to know that you can almost always get your money back. The one exception for me so far is Matt Bacak.


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  • This was helpful. I’ve been hearing a lot of hype around Launch Tree.

    My suggestion to anyone looking at purchasing it or any other guru product is to be realistic. Everything always seems easier than it really is. I would suggest understanding big picture of what you are trying to do before you spend a ton of money.

  • I appreciate that you put up this review. I’m not looking for anything quite like this product but it’s nice to know that you have to really check into whatever it is you are getting yourself into.

    So often we see something like this and think that it is the answer to all of our problems but it usually ends up only being the answer to the seller’s problem.

    You can learn something from the ad copy that it used to sell things like this though. When you have a sales page that gets people to want what you have so bad that they are jumping in like flies, then that is something to be proud of.

    So take the sales page and add it to your swipe file to use at some point but stay away from the program unless you are ready to work your butt off.

    Amy Howard

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