5.5 Million Views: Who really pays for your cheap stuff?

Story of Stuff.

Fabulous. This could shake your values right down to your bone marrow.

Why NOT to buy the next latest gadget or other new faddish piece of clothing.

I promise you will not guess, according to this, who really pays for your ability to buy stuff so cheap. See here.

The art alone is priceless. I dare you not to cry.

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Kim Klaver


  • Kim. This is the most concise explanation I have ever seen for what’s really happening to us and our planet. I think we owe it to ourselves to share with as many people as possible. Thank you so much for sharing this, incredible!
    -Michael Bowman

  • Kim thank you, I never knew a lot of this and I’m going to start making changes today. I’m not one to shop for the newest trendy stuff. I’m going back to the video now to see how I can make a difference.


  • Consumerism and entertainment are the two big themes that have kept Americans occupied while our Constitution – the very fabric of our nation – is quietly and methodically being unraveled. While our freedoms are being eroded, we sit idly by; watching reality TV, texting, Twitting, and shopping and dropping.

    Then when something happens that wakes one of us up, we have to struggle to understand what’s going on because we were educated in public schools that teach us about our American Democracy! Remember the Pledge of Allegiance? We have strayed so far from our foundation, that we have transmuted from a Republic into a Democracy and no one even notices!

    Is that irrelevant to this conversation? No way! It’s the very heart of this conversation. If “We The People” are pre-occupied with consumerism and entertainment, we’re kept just happy enough to not want to bother with keeping an eye our our representatives in government.

    Even in this video, she states that it’s government’s job to look out for us! BS! We’ve become so brainwashed from TV (they call it programming for a reason) and other entertainment, that we don’t understand that it’s our job as citizens to keep the government (size and actions) in-check. But we don’t even know how to go about doing that anymore, in large part because of public schooling that teaches the system described in this video.


    Organic Foods Mom

  • Years ago, I heard someone say something I have never forgotten:

    “The less money you spend, the less you have to make.”

    The older I get, they more I try to simplify my life.


    Eat Well. Live Well.

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