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Kim Klaver


  • Although, in many instances, we have become a “nation of whiners”, I voted No because in this case, we are right to protest the debasement of our money and the shady dealings of our Fed-manipulated banking and financial markets.

    Mr. Gramm might like us to be as quiet as sheep, waiting to be shorn of the value of our earnings. We need to be more forceful and pointed in our demands for justice so he can’t call us whiners anymore.

  • I voted yes. Speaking as a Canadian we could fit in that category too.

    While yes, we should stand up for some things, whining suggests complaining over trivial things.

    We complain about everything AND we expect some else to do something about it. “That’s what ‘they’ get paid for, isn’t it?” “It’s not my problem, but somebody better do something.”

    What kind of world would we have if, instead of complaining and whining, we started DOING?

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